Dienstag, 15. September 2009

Reiko Ike

WARNING!!!Today treat is for Adults only.Reiko Ike (born: 1953)was the undisputed queen of pinky violence.A Japan own Movie Genre best compared to Blaxploitation.She stars in Movies as Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’sCounterattack,GirlBossGuerilla, Graveyard of Honor.The 1971 Album "Kokotsu no Seku" can best be discripted as Sleasy Listenning or Iroke Kayokyoku.Hear Reiko Ike moan,sigh and whisper over cheesy Organs
and theatralic Strings.If you like Soundtracks as "Vampyros Lesbos & Schulmädchenreport" this is for you.Dim the Light and get sensual.

Reiko Ike-Kokotsu no Seku(1971)

P.S. I got of these Music by other Artists.If you want more leave a Comment.

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  1. From Spain: wow this is Super interesting!!! The sound is very... psychedelic and sensual. Thank you for share it with us!