Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Superflat Japan

I got a big Art Catalog from Takashi Murakami for my Birthay.You might know him from the Louis Vuitton Commercial with Music From FPM.He calles his Art Superflat because it misses dimensional depth.The Coverart of "Stronger" by Megalomaniac Kanye West is also his Design.Murakami has his own Clothing Line called Kaikai Kiki Co.,wich also is a Marketing Company for his own Art.As you can see i like his Art very much.The 12 Songs are the Sound i hear when i watch his Art.Check it out and you will love it like i do.Rember what the allknowing Momus said:Art can you help have a better Day. So long Percy.

3.Marino-Tic Tac
4.Plus Tech Squezze Box-A Day in the Radio
5.Nagisa Cosmetic-Life Balance
6.Shiho Fujisawa-Magical Smile
9.Stawberry Machine-ABC of Charlotte
10.Capsule Space Station no.9
11.Atomic Soul Experiences-A Monkey Scratches
12.Yann Tomita-Through my Window



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  1. most of your deposit files are already dead, including this :( i really wanna hear this one. i love music that has connection with fashion, even i'm not a fashionista tough :D