Montag, 28. September 2009

A Groove Thang:The FPM Remixes Japan

As promised this is the 3rd Edition of Percy's Basementmade Remix Sampler.This Time all Lights on Tomoyuki Tanaka aka Fantastic Plastic Machine.The Kyoto born DJ,Producer & Artist is one of the 7 Golden Gods of Shibuya.Together with Towa Tei he hit the Clubs as Sound Impossible in the early 90's.Since 1997 he released a few of the best Records ever.His latest Project is the Avex Supergroup Ravex.These 14 Remixes for all kind of Artists shows his Talent and Joy for Music.

1.Every Little Thing-JIRENMA (FPM Young Soul Mix)
2.Eri Nobuchika-Lights (FPM Obsession Mix)
3.May J.-Love Blossom(FPM House Mix)
4.Puffy Amiyumi-Nagisa Ni Matsuwaru (FPM Take Me To The Disco Mix)
5.Ketsumeishi-yoru-kaze (FPM disco tropicana)
6.Pe'z-Hale No Sola Sita(La Yellow Samba)
7.Tomoyuki Tanaka-Theme from Lupin the 3rd (F.P.M.'s Reconstruction Mix)
8.Clazziquai Project-Our Lives (FPM Hyper Society Mix)
9.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Behind the Mask (FPM's Sweet Bossa Nova)
10.Unicorn-hataraku otoko (FPM Everlust Mix)
11.Ayu-mi-Whatever(FPM Winter Bossa)
12.Dragon Ash-Life goes on(FPM Beautiful Lovers mix)
13.Matsuda Seiko-anata ni aitakute –missing you(FPM Mix for Lovers)
14.Every Little Thing-Fragile (FPM Bitter Sweet Samba Mix)


P.S. Part 2 will feature the rest of the World.


  1. This compilation is so good! I listened to it all weekend - A few of the remixes were pretty familiar, but some of the others were not - Thank you!

  2. Hope you will enjoy pt.2 even more.Greetz Percy

  3. Great compilation! It sounds now, while I work. Thank ypu Percy!!!