Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Kawaii Vol.8

I went to the Club the other Night,the Party was groovy and everyone lost Control.Our Minds flew away when Boys start spin their Records.No Time for Meditation,just the felt a new Sensation.The Party was crazy,as we seen the Night turn into Day.We danced till it blew our Brains,Dear but that's why we all came here for.That Night,all Night long.

1.Pizzicato Five-Party2.Les 5-4-3-2-1-les 5-4-3-2-1 et leur style de danse
3.Comoesta YAEGASHI-Amaranth Jive
4.Shigeo Naka-El Bimbo
5.Arai Toshiya-Sabre Dance (sabres of boss mix )
6.K-Ta-Bumble Bee Bossa 1 (Go Go Bee mix)
7.DJ 440-DJ 440's Classical Gas
9.Comoesta YAEGASHI & Jet Lopez-Tijuana Drive
10.Mansfield -I Spy
11.Sugi Masamichi-My Pinup Girl
12.Nomoto Karia-Tsuki no Mukou no Sekai
13.Mutsumi Inoue-抱きしめたい (readymade mix)
14.Pizzicato Five-Contact(Gentle People Mix)





  1. you really have great taste..!! I'm more into Kayoukyoku from the 60's and 70's and it's the first time I get enthusiast of japan modern sounds.. Of course I know most of these artists but your selection has given me a total new perspective.. EX Spiders Monsieur Kamayatsu was one of my favourite.. his solo album "Je M'appelle Monsieur" was a masterpiece.. :) K-Ta-Bumble Bee Bossa 1 is simply awesome and same for Shigeo Naka-El Bimbo..!! I have already downloaded the other volumes of Kawaii series.. thank u again and cheers from rome!! :)

  2. Another volume of Kawaii, and the deeper we go in to the Shibuya-kei Sound Vaults, where you continue to unearth music that I'd never had the opportunity to hear before... So cool that Sugi Masamichi was part of that in this volume, because he is/was a City Pop artist, I guess, and I've heard that there was a definite link between that genre and what came to be known as "Shibuya-kei"... And I think you can definitely hear where one was influenced by, or picked up the torch from the other, with songs like "My Pinup Girl". I always intensely admire your posts that become Mini-History Lessons of sorts, and this one could definitely be another one of those, if you do enough poking around in to the artists you've selected to start connecting things together :) Great pick, great discovery! And terrific mix overall, so thank you very much for having continued to make these and share them with everyone, Percy ♥ Perhaps Shibuya-kei wasn't a huge phenomenon of a genre with hundreds and hundreds or artists and albums releasing material under its banner, but you're certainly getting a lot of mileage out of what there is, and doing such a good job of highlighting this style of music as a whole :)