Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

People like us,Today + More People like us,Today

Did already 4 Years pass,since i started this Blog ?It's hard to believe that this is Pachinko Overdrives 3rd Bithday but Numbers don't lie.So,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, P.O..It was a thrilling Ride so far.I want to thank everybody that went with me trough all the many Incarnations this Blog has gone through and give all who discovered us lately a warm Welcome.Special Thanks go to my dear Anne and the super kind Kaku,both supported me tremendiously in the last Year.Domo Arigato.Thanks to those,who left me a Comment,your Views and Suggestion are always welcome.My Birthday Wish is that you,the Visiters & Followers get more involved in this Blog.By either leaving Comments and Suggestions or get in touch with me and submit a Guest Mix .I hope to hear from you soon :).

But now,here is my Gift to you.Other than usual,this no Party Mix.I complied 2 Updates to the surprisingly popular Sunshine Pop Mixes that i posted in 2010.I selected 30 airy & sunny Gems of modern Sunshine Pop.Deceleration is the Word of the Day.Slow down and escape the hectic Modern Lifestyle,let your Soul ease.Don't shop,don't be productive,don't be availeble,don't post or tweet.Join me and waste this Day away by doing nothing.Meet some Friends at the Park or the Beach,take a ride on your Bicycle and greet all the People you meet with a Smile.Enjoy the Warmth ,the Nature and the company of Friends,darker Days will be here soon.To another good Year.Yours sincerly Percy Steward.

People like us,Today
1.Brent Cash-The Heart Will Always Work Alone
2.The Explorers Club-It's no use
3.Fantastic Something-Different Sound
4.Tommorow's World-Kites are Fun
5.Acid House Kings- A Chorus Line
6.Fitness Forever-Bacharach
7.Majestic-Sunday Driver
8.Bathing Beauty-Castles in the Air
9.Kim & Co.-Look up
10.Da Brasilians-Shadow
11.The Heavy Blinkers-In The Morning
12.The Pearlfishers-We'll Be The Summer
13.The High Llamas-To The Abbey
14.The Mondo Crescendo-Free
15.The Faraway Places-Summertime
More People like us,Today
1.Remington Super 60-Go System Go!
2.The Superimposers-Where Do You Go?
3.The Shermans-Sun Beach Summer
4.The Cherry Orchard-Everybody Knows
5.Top Sound-Your Summer Was Over In June
6.Rita Calypso-On the Trail
7.Tomorrow's World-Forgetting
8.Maria Napoleon-Viva la Muerte
9.Loveletter-Through Spray Coloured Glasses
10.Bart Davenport-Miami Afternoon
11.Lloyd Cole-Impossible Girl
12.This is Ivy League-Modern World
13.Chalk And Numbers-Summer Nights (And Summer Days)
14.Giorgio Tuma-An Enchanting Blue
15.The Free Design-Music Room


  1. Just found your amazing back catalog of J-music mixes. Amazing. All I can say is, vielen dank!

  2. Happy Birthday, Pachinko Overdrive! ♥ ♥ ♥ As is usually my way, a comment will be left for Celebration, and then another will be left in a little bit for Praise, once I've spent enough time with these mixes to find the appropriate words for giving it :) ..Although I could praise your choice of Birthday Post already for the simple fact it's a Brilliant present to all of us... What better way to celebrate a Summer Birthday/Anniversary than with thoroughly sun soaked music...? The Music Form of the current Season, then :) And I always find a lot to love about your Pop based mixes in general, so, you know. These next couple of days are going to be mega-great~ Since I'll be spending quite a bit of it listening to these thirty songs and everything ♥

    And I know I said I wouldn't with the Facts and Figures this year, but I kind of can't help it...! It's been another good year for Pachinko Overdrive in that regard, I really do think so! This time last year, you were at over 70,000 hits, and now you're at over 124,000...! A 54,000+ gain, then. Very impressive! With fifty one mixes posted, containing some Endings(Chicks on Beat) and Beginnings(Kawaii International, Soul Fizz, Astro Sounds and The Temporary Club), _plus_ a new Guest Mix contributor coming in to the fold(Cipa, come back and compile another mix for us, please! ;_; ).. All of that makes for a varied and intensely satisfying Year, for sure :) Here's to many more, then! I'm looking ahead to reaching the landmark 5...! Let's do it~ :D Since you still haven't shown signs of a cessation in creativity or ingenuity yet, when it comes to hatching new mix ideas and cover art and finding the music to fill them up with, I honestly believe that you never will ♥ So may you have the motivation/desire to keep it going, then! And thank you so much, Percy, for keeping it alive as long as you already have :) Like I've said time and time again, it's so nice to feel a part of something like this ♥ Inclusion in the Coolest Music Club Around~ That is open to everyone, so yeah! I too hope we see a lot more participation in the coming year too :)

  3. I was abroad the last 4 days..!! Even if I'm Late i say to you happy birthday!!! great music as always!! thank u for ur effort :)))

  4. Happy Birthday.
    There is always new discovery in your mix.
    There is music to know newly.
    There is music to reconfirm charm.
    A race and the border feel a few thing in loving pops.

    Three cheers for P.O.side!

  5. thanks for all the hard work.

    ...I suggest another 8-bit mix!