Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Shibuya Soul 10

There are Millions of People in the crowed Streets but you're not one of them.You want to get away and break free.You hear a Voice that talkes to you like the Sea,it ensnares you to leave the Sound of the Crowd and follow the Beat of your own Drum.Coast along,guided only by a Melody that promises the chance of escaping into a more pleasent Reality.

1.Kaori-Cruisin' Pink Cadillac
2.Bonnie Pink-オレンジ
3.Crazy Ken Band-Weeping Bells
4.Nona Reeves-Midnight Love
5.Jazztronik-Humming Bird feat.Mika Arisaka
6.Paris Match-You make my day
7.Asako Toki-Hibiki
8.Monday Michiru-I Can't Help It
9.Love Tambourines-Cherish Our Love(Album Version)
10.Hiroshi Takano-Kaori
11.Clazziquai Project-Friday Blues
12.Museum Of Plate-The Ground
13.Hiroshi Fujiwara-A Song for Two
14.Sugar Plant-Thunder

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  1. another great compilation that would surely deserve a worldwide release!!! some of these songs are real gems like those of Kaori, Bonnie Pink,Crazy Ken Band,Hiroshi Fujiwara and Sugar Plant.. even though I don't particularly appreciate this excess of american music feeling throughout I have appreciated a lot stheir voices and arrangements... :) The world seems so small when music plays :-D

  2. thank you percy!! just received your mail!! I m very happy about the reuploads and perfectly understand you about the choice of no longer uploading old full albums' links :))

  3. Hitting the double digits in this series with this post! This is just the sort of thing I dreamed of when I made known my wishes for the first two mixes of this series to get together and a fruitful union with multitudes of offspring that were just as Calm, Cool, and Collected as the twenty eight songs making up those ones were ♥ ♥ ♥ And you've never faltered in that! Calm, Cool, and Collected Jams~ Like a big umbrella to relax in the shade of ♥ Like I was saying before, love the Nona Reeves choice, and Hiroshi Takano, and Paris Match, and Toki Asako! And I'll second the comment of my fellow commentator above and say that the Crazy Ken Band song was ultra-fine as well... Ever since seeing the movie based on the Yakuza game series, I swear that's always what I'm going to think of every time I hear Crazy Ken Band... It's always going to be Street Fights playing in my mind. ..Maybe slowed down, loving street fights, considering the tone of "Weeping Bells" and everything XD And I found it interesting that two very different sorts of Michael Jackson covers have made it on to your mixes... So it's either a popular catalog to reach to for Japanese artists, or just the kind of thing that lends itself well to Pachinko Overdrive's soundtrack :D I know which theory I'll be favoring~

    So, thank you for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It was a real treat to listen to ♥

  4. Excellent MiX Percy!!!, especially [Nona Reeves, Museum Of Plate].