Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

The Temporary Club 003

I get the Feeling we're in the right Spot,a special feel this Place is really hot.I catch the Vibe,the Groove is outta sight,come on pretty Lady let's jump into the Night.The DJ's kickin funky Beats and the Crowd is furiously moving their Feet.We rock on any Rhythym to let ourselves go,so move your back from the Wall and start to get down .Keep on dancing, jump'n' join the Party.

1.The Past Present Organisation-Itchy Feet (Short Hop Mix)
2.Ronnie Jones-Jump'n Join
3.Kinoco Hotel-Moetsukitai no
4.Trash Monkeys-Clubtown
5.Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-Beautiful Stranger
6.The Frank Popp Ensemble-Psychedelic Girl
7.Andy Lewis-Exile On Hammond Street feat. Reg King
8.The Lady Spade-Koi no unmei menkyosho (D.L.T.L)
9.Lord Large-Stuck In A Wind Up
10.Big Boss Man-Reach out
11.Les Cappuccino-Ba Ba Ba... Boof
12.Osaka Monaurail-Get Ready
13.Corduroy-Season of the Rich
14.Nick Rossi Set-Monkeyshines



P.S. This Week sees the 3rd Bithday of Pachinko Overdrive,so prepare for a Special Birthday Surprise during the next Week.


  1. I can't wait :)))
    P.S. is there a chance to see some of the deleted links re uploaded? :)

    1. Ahoi,thanks for joining P.O.What Posts do you like to be re-uploaded?Can't keep them all up because i only have Free Media Fire Account.No Complete Album.Let me know and i'll see what i can do.Greetz Percy

  2. dear Percy thank you for replying!! here is the ones I would really love to listen to. If it can help you I can inform you once I have downloaded them so you can decide whether delete the link or not :) :) Of course I am not in a hurry so do it when u have time :)

    -kawaii 2
    -pop is sheriff 4
    -destination shibuya
    -shibuya soul 3
    -les ypersound cd2
    -an evening in osaka
    -summer breeze from far east
    -into the light
    -some day everyday
    -go girl go
    -shibuya swing
    -beat 'em up the shinichi osawa remixes part1
    -your disco needs you
    -erkennen sie die melody? pop quiz part 2
    -Swing Slow(1996)
    -Paris Tokyo
    -jazzin' (25 august 2009)
    -Sound Repair Shop:The Konishi Remixes 1&2

  3. ♥ ♥ ♥ I've undoubtedly said this before, because I tend to do that at times...! Repeat thoughts and all that, but! I really and truly love the vibes that emanate from the mixes in this series... The energetic, ultra-positive, extremely Danceable sort. They're so much fun to listen to! And the use of funky organs does so much for many of your selections! :D This time, I particularly enjoyed "Psychedelic Girl", your choice of Kinoco Hotel, and "Season of the Rich" was pretty cool too~ Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It came off as being a bit like... The Party before the Party :D Or the Dance Party before the Outdoorsy/Beach Party Pachinko Overdrive ended up celebrating with. I like it!