Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.6

Part.6 of The Jazz Fizz,takes another look on Conscience & Abstract interaction of Acid Jazz and Hip Hop.In true Jazz Spirit,DJ's starting to explore the Free Form.Slowing down the Beats,incomporate Elements of Dub,Free Jazz and the Ideas of Sun Ra & Fela Kuti."Free your Mind and your Ass will follow" was the Order of the Day.Of course this was all done in the most danceable Way.Artists showed that being Aware and Funky doesen't have to be total Opposites and that Bling Bling and Party Rap weren't the only Option.A Spirit that is truely missed today.More Funky Grooves in Part.7.

1.Urban Species-The Experience
2.United Future Organization-Future Light
3.Palmskin Productions-Like Brothers
4.Silent Poets-The Children of the Future feat. Jalal
5.Brand New Heavies.It's gettin' hectic feat.Gangstarr
6.Galliano-Jus' Reach
7.Stereo MC's-Fade away
8.Stakka Bo-Totally Wired
9.Spiritual Vibes-Pupa (Kool Jazz Productions Remix)
10.Bubbatunes-This is just a dance
11.DJ Krush & Monday Michiru-Here between the Silence
12.The Quiet Boys-Let it go
13.R.P.M.-Sorti des Ombres 
14.Small Circle Of Friends-Sittin' On The Fence

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  1. So Cool ♥ Flavorful beats paired with (at times)abstract vocalization... I get an awful lot of enjoyment out of these kinds of mixes :) Because that's such a fantastic pairing! Hip-Hop and Acid Jazz. Goes so well together ♥ So it was great to get fourteen more examples of that very thing... _Wonderful_ to see Small Circle of Friends pop up on a Pachinko Overdrive mix, and of what was New To Me? "Totally Wired" totally has the devotion of my heart and eardrums ♥

    Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this, Percy!