Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Destination:Jet Set 1

Welcome on Board of Flight 009 of Pachinko Air.We are proud to present a new Service,that hopefully can live up to High Standars of PA.It is simply called Jet Set.It allows the Customer to choose the Destination,he wants go to,either it's somewhere Mediterranaen or the South American Getaway.No matter where.Pachinko Air will bring you there in the usual aplomb Style.Of course the Inflight Entertainment is provided by a swell selection of finest Nu Jzz.Have a nice Trip.

1.Isabelle Antena-Sunshine Express
2.The Hi-Fly Orchestra-Roda de Samba
3.The Jazzinvadres-Day by Day
4.Nick Pride & The Pimptones-Hug Lorenzo
6.Mo' Horizons-Bosshannover
7.Smoove-Brownest Eyes
8.Trio Valore- Return Of The Iron Monkey
9.Ray Lugo L.E.S. Express-I Dream Of Bahia feat. Elani
10.Buscemi & The Michel Bisceglia Ensemble-Nao Falo Portugues feat.Fay Lovsky
11.Dr. Rubberfunk- Bobby's Bossa
12.Nossa Alma Canta-Bossanova
13.The Bahama Soul Club-Dejame Marchar feat.Malena
14.Réminiscence Quartet-Roda Mundo

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  1. Oh, how nice! I really like the setup of this new variation on the Pachinko Air theme... It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure story! Where the basic outline is all laid out for you, and the only thing you have to do is make a series of individual decisions to continue on with your own story and dictate how it ends :) But no reading required in this case! It's all Aural Decision Making. And there are no wrong answers! Which is definitely a plus, because I cannot tell you how many times I reached a premature End when I read those Choose Your Own Adventure books and tried to go with my gut on how my story should go... I don't have very good instincts, I suppose. ...But you know, since I'm awful with Decision Making in general, I cannot decide where I want this mix to take me... Anywhere with air conditioning, please :D And ice cream. Or somewhere shady. I only have vague outlines of the places I'd want to be...! But one thing I see with perfect clarity is that this mix is Just Right for getting there, wherever "There" may be ♥ Bossa Vibes make everything better, and traveling along with songs like "Brownest Eyes" and "I Dream Of Bahia" has been exquisitely pleasant ♥ So thank you for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It's been a cool treat in hot weather, for sure :)