Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Adventures in Stereo Vol.4

It's been awhile since the last part but as the Cover shows,we were busy doing other Things.Also 2012 seems to be a slow Year for Pop,so far.Now  we were able to collect another 14 Songs that defenitly needed to be heard.Surprisingly this Mix cointains a lot of 7" Vinyl,which made a welcomed return in the last Months.We start of with Andy Lewis,Bass Player for Paul Weller & Spearmint and one of the most ingnored Artists of our Days.For this 70's AOR Tune,he teamed up with Wesley Doyle,both played in a Band called Pimilco.We stay in the Softrock Mood with The Explorers Club.Anticipation sounds like a lost Song from the Mike Love Beach Boys Era.Tennis starting of the 60' Phil Spector Pop Section.Enchanting Female Voices and seductive Backround Vocals and the pure Joy of  uplifting Pop.The School,The Yearning,The Ruskettes and Chalk & Numbers,all have that.We also celebrate 2 successful Combacks by Artists we never thought to hear of ever again.First The Primitives with a Song from their really enjoyable Cover Album.The 2nd is Kevin Roland,who re-animated the Dexys with support of Mick Talbot and released a grandious Record.A Masterpiece for all Mature in Mind but Young at Heart.Two real precious Discoveries are the Team up of Italian Airy Pop Head Giorgio Tuma and Komeda's Lena Carlson for a super summery 7" that sound like Stereolab hit Montigo Bay.The other one are the New Street Adventures from the UK.A Band that sound like a modern incarnation of  The Questions and the early Style Council,i expect to hear great Things from them.I hope you enjoy our Collection and we promise that the next part won't take another Six Months.

1.Andy Lewis & Wesley Doyle-The Best of Days
2.The Explores Club-Anticipation
4.Chalk And Numbers-Here With (Each Other)
5.The School-When He Kisses Me
6.The Asteroids Galaxy Tour-Fantasy Friend Forever
7.The Primitives-Turn off the Moon
8.Miles Kane-Quicksand
9.Giorgio Tuma-Little Dusty feat.Lena Karlson
11.New Street Adventures-Nicky Needs
12.The Yearning-Baby be mine
13.The Ruskettes-The Yearning
14.Elf Princess Gets a Harley-William Gibson

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  1. A double helping of Pop ♥ ♥ ♥ This happens sometimes, if I'm recalling correctly... That the Deputy follows closely behind its Sheriff so we're treating to a broad range of International Pop in two weeks time, and it's beloved every time it does happen, of course! And particularly cherished this time around, now that I've been involved with things that go much better when they are Pop Powered... :D So, much like last weeks mix, there was an awful lot to love about this week's too, and recommendations to take away from it and do more with... It may have been difficult to find fourteen songs to fill this mix out with, but your excavation skills continue to be unrivaled, and what you managed to dig up was ultra-satisfying :) I already talked a little bit about some of the songs that most stood out to me, but I've got to add that "Fantasy Friend Forever" gets stuck in my head way more than I think I want it to...! So that one was quite good too, and New Street Adventures definitely sound promising, I'll agree with you there... There's a nice Soul Groove to "Nicky's Needs", so, considering that there are two EP's available to listen to...! I'll have to try and do that :)

    So! Thanks for compiling and sharing this, Percy, and for giving me a second consecutive week of Better Days and Moods from it ♥

  2. Oh yeah! And I completely forgot to give you a bit of additional props for picking what I felt was the slightly better song from the Giorgio Tuma + Lena Karlsson single... Not that both songs weren't tremendously good! They are, but I preferred "Little Dusty", myself ♥ I was happy to see that they may, possibly, have been the case with you too :)