Samstag, 9. Juni 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.8

The Sky is blue and endless and so seems the World.Like the Planes that cross the Firmament,our little red Scooter takes us to new Places and Sceneries.It leads us to new Heights and let us discover greener Pastures.Warm rays of Sunshine on our Faces,the scents of nature in full bloom that flatter our Noses give us small glimpse of all the Wonders that awaite us.


1.Kaji Hideki-Tokyo to London
3.Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Sharing Opportunity
4.Roboshop Mania-Make it snappy
5.Maki Noyima-A Message Song
6.Boys & Girls Together-Bless your Trifle
8.Jenka-Muddymuddy Murmur (Be-Ing In A Puzzle)
9.Start Up Bus-Sunday Follower
10.The Caraway-Treasure For Me
11.Your Imaginary Friends-Hey, Rowena
12.La-Ong-Fong-Just a Dream
13.Carnival Park-Lachrymose
14.Days Like Postcards-For a perfect time



1 Kommentar:

  1. Oh, this mix, and the many things contained within it to repeatedly enjoy in a way that could never be considered "overindulging"...! Versions of "Tokyo to London" that I don't recall ever having heard before!(this one was from that "From Cafe Scandinavia With Love" album, right? yeah, I must not be as familiar, and therefore have not listened to that one as much as I thought I did, if so..) An introduction to Japsuki!(totally going to have to download his whole album once I have the five dollars to do so... it sounds like it'll be really good!) Ultra-fine Roboshop Mania selections!(because they are still not getting as much love and recognition as they need to, you know) And even finer selections from Jenka!(so great to see her pop up on another mix, and with a song I'm exceptionally fond of ♥ even though I've heard "Muddymuddy Murmur" many a time, it appearing on this volume prevented me from moving on to other tracks for at least fifteen minutes each time I tried to listen to this in its entirety, no kidding :D) Another Introduction made, this time to Your Imaginary Friends!(and how nice they are! the band is really good too~ ...that was a joke. a joke!)

    So, I am completely in love with this newest volume ♥ ♥ ♥ And I tell you, if ever listening to one of your Guitar Pop/Super Pop mixes fails to put me in an immediate better mood and to make both the day I'm involved with and the entire week substantially Better as a result, then I will know for sure that there are no more Good Moods or Better Weeks to be had for the rest of my life, really. Because that is exactly what I can expect, as soon as I see one of these types of mixes being posted(in addition to reeeeeaaaaallllly good music, first and foremost, of course!) An excess of one, and the certainty of the other :) So thank you very much for continuing to supply that, Percy, and for compiling and sharing this latest Pop is Sheriff ♥