Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

AKSB Dance Music Anison Side

The 1st of June is International Childrens Day and what better way to celebrate this day than with the second part of the AKSB Dance Music Mix by our Resident AKSB Agent Kaku.This Mix focuses on 2 Things that not only Kids like best,Animes and Games.These 16 funky Songs highlight the very Popular Genre of Anison Music.Well respected and highly loved by it's Fans,Anison is more than just Backround Music for a Cartoon or generic Computer Game.There is no Japanese Artist that hasen't contributed an honest Piece of Music to either of the both.I hope you enjoy this fine Mix because it's the last before the Summer Break.We hope to recive enough new Guestmixes to return in the Fall.So please use the upcomming Summer not only for Fun in the Sun but also to get in touch with us and show us your Vision of Asian Music.Follow Kaku's Example and join Pachinko Overdrive.We're looking forward to hear from YOU.

1.Ami Koshimizu-I will
2.Aya Ikeda-Wonderful Powerful Music
3.Mayu Kudo-Tomorrow Song
4.Momoko Hayashi-you make me Happy!
5.Sayaka-Little Stone
6.Risa Hayami-Suteki na magician
7.PRIMO AMORE-Kanojo ni naritai (I wanna be your girl)
8.Anza-Tobira Wo Akete
9.Halko Momoi-Koi no recipe
10.Mayumi Gojou-Gambarance de Dance
12.Momoko Hayashi-H@ppy Together!!!
14.Tomoko Hikita with Babit-tai-Daijo-bu
15.Marina Inoue & Megumi Nakajima-Tatakae☆Moralism
16.Mariya Ise-Groovin'




  1. Thank you very much for this follow-up to the first AKSB Dance Music mix, Kaku! I'm a little surprised to see that you haven't been back to tell us a little more about your selections, and who was responsible for composing them and such...! Since some of these songs are from video games(aren't they..?), I thought I might recognize them, or at least some of the vocalists, because I kind of, sort of play video games myself, particularly of the Music related sort, but I hadn't previously heard any of these songs...! Which is a good thing in the end, of course, because it made for a sixteen set of New Discoveries, but...! I'd definitely be interested in hearing about where some of these picks come from.. Like, if they were used in games, which ones they were used in :)

    Anyhow, I spent quite a bit of last week listening to this mix alongside with Shiho Nanba's last album, which I only just had the opportunity to buy...! And I listened to a lot of esu-efu's debut too, and I've got to say that this mix made for the Perfect companion to those two releases... Ultra-cute and danceable music, you know? This mix got off to a really good start, too, with Ami Koshimizu's "I will", and I also really liked the back-to-back set of Primo Amore, ANZA, and the Halko Momoi selections you made too... and the millio song! "Party". So good ♥

  2. I am glad to have you like this mix.
    At first this is "anison singer side" not "anison side" when I say.
    "anison" is abbreviation of "anime song".
    anime song & game song & character song & seiyu sings,etc.
    I call all anime&game-related songs anison.
    So my conventional mixes is all anison other than idol compilation.
    anison singer = anison kashu is the singer which is active mainly on singing a theme song of anime&game.
    And this mix contains ten pieces of music of anison singer. (2,3,4,5,8,9,10,12,13,14)
    seiyu sings six pieces of the remainder.

    2,3,4,8,10,12,13,14 is the music that played in OP or ED of anime.
    1,6,15,16 is anime&game's character song.
    11 is a theme song of the radio program.
    5,7 is a theme song of game for adults.

    Only halko momoi is exceptional, and she does both the songwriting and the arrangement in this, and the song which another person made sings and does the produce of another person and does the work of seiyu. (she has produced perfume before)
    She calls herself "Queen of Akihabara":)

    Akihabalove [Pv] ~ Perfume!♥

    By the way, will you show your e-mail address?
    I do not mind with free mail.
    Because you always write comment, you want to present me to you in particular.
    I want to make kana's character songs sellection. There are a lot of songs which are good for the song which is not shibuya-kei style.
    But I intend to put the song of shibuya-kei style in the mix.

    It is information one more.
    A song of recent Katsutoshi Kitagawa works is great.