Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Starlight Casino V

How nice to welcome you back on Board of the ISS Mirrorball.A splendid decision to spend another glistering Night on this funky Earth's Moon and dance away all your earthly Troubles.Join the Dancefloor to become a incandescent Star yourself.Affluent Piano Cascades,out of this World Strings & enchantic Voices will guide your Way through the Stars.You are the Universe.

1.Nona Reeves-初恋
2.Round Table-Groovin' Magic feat.Nino
3.Serani Poji-Happy end is coming
4.Asano Yūko-Sexy Bus Stop (remixed by Groove Unchant)
5.Pizzicato Five-Mademoiselle
6.Chieko Kinbara-Mystery Girl feat.Byron Stingly
7.Ozawa Kenji-suyoi kimochi - tsuyoi ai (remixed by Akakage)
8.DJ Kawasaki-One feat.Lori Fine
9.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Reaching for the Stars(Masters At Work Remix Radio Edit)
10.Eri Nobuchika-Lights (FPM Obsession Mix)
11.Studio Apartment-Love is the answer feat.Joi Cardwell
12.Elmio-Good Times Just Keep Us Hanging On feat.Cloudberry Jam
13.Yukihiro Fukutomi-This Time
14.Pax Japonica Groove-Funtime feat. Juju




  1. After two weeks of Pop we go directly to Pachinko Overdrive's version of Dancing With the Stars, which is far, far better than any other version, of course, because it isn't a pathetic reality show that is a showcase for washed up celebrities trying to extend their fifteen minutes of fame :D It is, instead, dancing with Actual Celestial Bodies ♥ ..In your mind, anyway. But, I very much liked and enjoyed this sequencing! Pop, Pop, Dance. And, as always, your selections for Dance were Magnificent... Really liked hearing a Groove Unchant remix that was unfamiliar to me(totally weird, too, because I swear to goodness I heard the original version of "Sexy Bus Stop" as part of this huge compilation of City Pop related video someone compiled on YouTube... so the distantly related to City Pop on a Percy Mix? YES ♥), and a really cool Kenji Ozawa remix, and Round Table feat.Nino songs that may just also happen to feature Dan Miyakawa strings because I know he's worked with them before, so perhaps...! But I couldn't find a credit listing or anything for that song, so at the moment, I have No Idea. ..Probably isn't though, and he worked on other songs of theirs, but...! Still! Totally nice string arrangements in that song anyway, even if they aren't Dan Miyakawa's. I really do think so. And the Yukihiro Fukutomi track ♥ ♥ Loved! But this whole mix is. Completely Loved ♥ ♥ ♥ As ever, thank you so much for compiling and sharing it, Percy :)