Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

The Soul Fizz Vol.1

We end the celebrations to P.O.'s 2nd Birthday with something smooth & soulful.The Soul Fizz is a 3-part Spin off of the popular Jazz Fizz Series.The focus is on the more mellow Side of the Acid Jazz Movement.With Artists like the The Brand New Heavies who became real big in the States after their Member Jamiroquai left the band to become the new Stevie Wonder.Love Sick by The Night Trains was a moderate Hit on both Sides of the Pond and still attracts People to the Dancefloor.Nothing like this by Omar is one of the greatest Smoozer of all Time.The soulful jazzy Sounds of Incognito became a huge influence for the japanese Scene.Mostly ignored in the rest of the World,Incognito still have a massive Fanbase in Asia.More in Part.2

1.The Brand New Heavies-Never Stop
2.Mother Earth-Look To The Light
3.The Night Trains-Love Sick
4.D-Influence-That's Right
5.The Solsonics-So Much More Together
6.Raw Stylus-Higher Love
7.Vibraphonic-To Know You is to Love You
8.New Jersey Kings-Les joies de l'amour
9.Omar-There's Nothing Like This
10.The Quiet Boys-Make Me Say It Again Girl
11.Gazelle-Mistakes of Human Nature
12.RAD.-Time To Change (Feat. Push)
13.Incognito-I Love What You Do for Me
14.Young Disciples-As We Come (To Be)

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  1. Absolutely Heavenly ♥ And an exceptionally fine note to end the Birthday festivities on.. Like I was saying earlier, it's a bit of lounging relaxation after so much Partying :D And a sumptuous listen in itself, above all else.. It definitely has that bit of Sleek Sophistication that is at the center of many of the Best PO mixes.. It's a Superb start to a new series that gives all indication that it's sure to make for an excellent supplement to the Jazz Fizz :) ...And I tell you, Paris Match certainly know how to pick songs to cover, don't they? I'd recognized "Don't Stop" when you used their cover of it on an earlier mix, but wasn't too sure about the original artist and never thought to check into it... Now they've been identified for me though~ My Something New learned for this Week :)

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing, Percy! ♥ It's always an Enlightening Education and a Pleasure ♥