Samstag, 6. August 2011

Tokyo,Brasil:The Sunaga T.Experience Remixes pt.2

Issue 18 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.It's been awhile since the last Edition but it's back in full swing.As promised here is the 2nd part with more Remix Work by Tatsuo Sunaga.This Time the Connoisseur of Latin Jazz refined the Works of J-Pop Artists like Namie Amuro & Tommy February6 with his magic Latin Grooves. Seasoned Player on the Field of Jazz like Jazztronik & Orange Pekoe also benefit from his soulful and infectious groovy Reworks.Part.3 soon.

1.Crazy Ken Band-Bruce town of millionaires( AUDIOMUSICA N°10)
2.M-Flo-Summer Time Love [Remix Tokyo Mode]
3.Tommy February6-KISS ONE MORE TIME (Sunaga't Experience's EURO/SET REMIX)
4.Namie Amuro-Baby Be Mine (Sunaga T' Experience Remix)
5.Cymbals-Show Business(Cafe Spur remix)
6.Jazztronik-Song of Bebe (Sunaga T Experience Jet set mix)
7.Jhett a.k.a. Yakko for Aquarius-Heart Breaker feat.RINKO URASHIMA (Sunaga t Experience Remix)
8.Crazy Ken Band-yama no oto - sōda, Kyōto ni ikō. (Remix)
9.Orange Pekoe- LOVE LIFE (Mode for Kita-Horie remixed by Sunaga t Experience]
11.Port of Notes-Oasis (Nide For Kita-Horie Sunaga T Experience Remix)
12.Immigrant's Bossa Band-Yakusoku (Sunaga T Experience Remix)

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