Samstag, 13. August 2011

Adventures in Stereo Vol.2

Ahoi and welcome to more Adventures in Stereo.Here are 14 Pop Gems that i found during my ramblings throughout the glittering World of Pop.We start with some Pico Punk Pop from Spain with the wonderful Name When Nalda became Punk.Check out her Free Mini Album at from Spain is Guille Milkyway with his Band La Casa Azul and his solo Project Milkyway.Tahiti 80 from France celebrating a great return with their new Album.The UK is represented with retro Bubblegum Poppers of The Shool,classic Brit Pop by The Lodgers & the Folkies of Pocket Sattelite.From Seatlle come Seapony,they get Company from Murder Mystery to represent the U.S.. Germany sends Der Englische Garten with their soulful Hit Cover of a
Superpunk Hit.From Sweden we have special treat,the a wonderful Smiths-esk Remix of Acid House Kings airy Tune "Would You Say Stop?".Until the next Time.Have good Time.Percy

1.When Nalda became Punk-Summer, you and me
3.Club 8-Shape up!
4.Tahiti 80-Easy
5.Murder Mystery-Change My Mind
6.Milkyway-How Many Days In Forever
7.Fitness Forever-Palma De Mallorca
8.Anna & The Spectors-Ups to you
9.The School-Tell me
10.The Lodgers-Stand up!
11.Der Englische Garten-Parties in Muenchen
12.La Casa Azul-Bad Guys (Feat. Duglas T. Stewart)
13.Acid House Kings-Would You Say Stop?(Perfect Nines Mix)
14.Pocket Satellite-Toy Train

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  1. Tausend Dank! ~ I have a little internet radio station and your blog has been a great place to discover new artists.

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ If there's one word that can always be used to truthfully and most accurately describe these mixes, it's Charming. And I have been again. Completely and thoroughly charmed ♥ Now, _this_ would be what I'd call All Killer and No Filler :D You unquestionably improved on the first Adventures in Stereo and enhanced its profile by putting together a sequel where every single song is Fetchingly Fantastic+ ♥ Sunshine and Clear Blue Skies in fourteen songs~ And I couldn't possibly ever be able to thank you enough for making me aware that there was a new Tahiti 80 album released this year... I've been on a Tahiti 80 kick lately but somehow was completely in the dark about the fact they had anything new out...! But now that I _do_ know. And have become quite attached to "Easy"... It's my new song to hold close and listen to repeatedly, absolutely... Their new album is definitely on my Shopping List now~ I continue with having much love for Club 8 and Acid House Kings too, so it was a pleasure to hear additional representatives from their camps on here as well ♥

    A Stupendously Delivered Knock-Out Punch of Pop-Based Panache, Percy ♥ Thank you so much for compiling and sharing it :)