Samstag, 27. August 2011

Tampopo Beat pt.2

Chicks on Beat NO.10.This is the final issue of this popular Series.We end our Global Tour throughout the World of of Yé-yé Girls in Japan.The Ventures, America's favorite instrumental rock band, launched a tour of Japan in 1965, creating an electric rock frenzy that shook up the entire Japanese music industry.Chiyo Okumura had a huge Hit with her Vocal version of The Ventures' "Hokkaido Skies".She,often was compared to french sixties Export No.1 Silvie Vartan,became a huge Star with her Sex Vibeded Songs.Akiko Wada,the tough Lady of Soul in Japan.She was often called the Japanese Aretha Franklin.Her strong & expressive Voice as well as her tall and solidly-built physique brought her the reputation of a Though Chick.Maki Asakawa,the mysterious dark Blues & Jazz Singer that became a big part of japanese Psychedelia. Emy Jackson was born in Essex, England,she spend her teenage years in Yokohama.Being capable of speaking English & Japanese fluently bought a Job as a Radio DJ and a Record Deal at the CBS imprint, a label for foreign Artists.Crying in the Storm was the first in String of hits in the mid Sixties.I hope you enjoyed our little excursion into the World of Girl Pop.Percy

1.Akiko Wada-Boy & Girl
2.CHIYO Okumura-砂の慕情
3.Emy Jackson-Crying in a Storm
4.Reiko Mari-In the Town
5.Akiko Wada-Doshaburino Ameno Nakade
6.CHIYO Okumura-証拠
7.Maki Asakawa-Zenkasha no X-Mas
8.Margaret & Bunnies-Aeba Suki Suki
9.Pinky Chicks-Yopparata Ojousan
10.Miki Obata-Ai No Shiori
11.Sachi Mikawa-Koi No Dan-Dan
12.Mieko Hirota-A Lonely Summer

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