Samstag, 20. August 2011

Destination:Tokyo 2

Welcome on Board of Flight 005 of Pachinko Air.For the 2nd Time we're heading for vibrant metropolis of Japan.To capture iridescent vibe of the City we invited some of Nippon's jazziest Loungenistas.We hope you enjoy your Flight.Thanks for choosing Pachinko Air.Have a good Trip.

1.Lava-Feel The Rhythm
2.Miho Karasawa-Ethology
3.Kentaro Takizawa-Hikari-no-Mukou
4.Orange Pekoe-Music is Freedom
5.Kyoto Jazz Massive-Nacer Do Sol
6.Soil & "PIMP" Sessions-Harbor
7.Quasimode-Giant Black Shadow
8.The Fascinations-Lovin' You
9.Indigo Jam Unit-Palette
10.Fried Pride-Unbreakable
11.Tatsuo Sunaga and Crazy Ken-A Perfect World
12.Hajime Yoshizawa ft. Amadori-Piano Man

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  1. Absolutely Sublime ♥ ..And I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to hear a version of "Lovin' You" where you aren't forced to brace yourself against the anticipation of hearing that one distinctive high note pierce your ears unmercifully when it's mishandled by anyone who isn't Minnie Riperton :D Perhaps that should be the New Established Rule for covers of that song.. They must be vibraphone led instrumentals or nothing at all.

    Anyhow! Again with the flawless consistency, and again with the seamless threading of Distinctive Sounds and Moods used to tie all these Pachinko Air mixes together and unite them under the same banner no matter where the End Destinations take us... I'll comment on this every single time because it _needs_ to be commented on every single time because you continue to do an impressive job executing those very things :) Love, love, love the return trip to Tokyo and the song selections made to represent it through... I've spent a little bit too much time this week listening to "Ethology" a bunch myself~ Nothing wrong with that though :D It's a terrific song, and as I've never heard Miho Karasawa before, it made for a terrific introduction too ♥

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥ Five mixes in and I've been a faithful passenger on every single one of them, so this is around the time I'd start planning how I'm going to use my Frequent Flyer Miles if Pachinko Air offered that sort of thing :D Ah well...! That we'll undoubtedly have more trips to go on is reward enough in itself, for sure~