Samstag, 9. Juli 2011


Welcome on Board of Flight 004 of Pachinko Air.It's Time for a relaxing Summer Holiday.What better Destination to go than Rimini,Italy.The Pearl on the Adriatic coast.For Hot Days at the Beach and mild Nights in the Clubs.The Lounge-tastic Label Irma(Bolonga) will be responsible for the top-class Entertainment.Thank you for choosing Pachinko Airlines. Please place your Arm rests down and your Tables up and prepare for Take off!

1.Acusmatic Group-The Fixer (Solo Moderna Remix)
2.Pino Ninfa-Sans Bitter
3.Sam Paglia-Night Club Tropez (Dedicated To Alberto Sordi)
4.DJ Rodriguez-Mi fai sognar feat.Maki Nomiya
5.Riovolt-Sidewalk Samba
6.Italian Secret Service-No se
7.Bengi Jumping-Modernita
8.Modulo 5-Softly Sonora
9.Montefiori Cocktail-My Darling Bossanova feat.Lorraine Bowen
10.Jona E Coro-Viva La Felicita
11.Marc IV-Andre
12.Clan Greco-Avendia
13.Ohm Guru-Hotel Capri
14.Chris Joss-Bakara



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  1. Herr Rossi's theme! As usual, I do believe I became a bit too happy when I was able to recognize something like that in as unexpected a place such as this :D But it fits in Perfectly~ For sure it did ♥
    Anyhow, splendid delivery of exactly what I have come to expect from Pachinko Air.. Turbulence free flights to exotic locations born on the wings of Latin based rhythms ♥ So, so, so nice!

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy :)