Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Die Grosse Teenager Tanz Party

Hip Hip Hooray,2 Years of Pachinko Overdrive.Who would have thought that this Adventure would last that long.Over 70.000 Hits,a 160 Posts,33 Followers and a dozen Guest Mixes.I think those Numbers justify a proper Party but before we all hit the Dancfloor,i have to thank all the People who encouraged & supported me in my effort to deliver a Mix every Week.A few People deserve special appreciation:Anne(the heart & Soul of P.O.),Mike,Kaku & Fanmaki.Thank very very much.You're Magnificent.Thanks to all who have left a Comment.Your Views & Opinions are always welcome.Enough of that maudlin Talk.Let's Party Pachinko Style with Big Beats and classy Melodies. 3 Cheers to all the Adventures to come.Percy

Disc 1
1.Comoesta Yaegashi and his TPOchestra-Land of a thousand Dances
3.Propellerheads-Crash! (Edit)
5.Jacknife Lee-Bursting Off The Backbeat(It's Man's Man's Field Mix)
6.Mansfield-The New Pollution (It's a Man's Man's Field Re-work Mix)
7.Mint Royale-Shake me
8.Makoto Miura-Vercoquin Et Le Plancton
9.Charles Wilp-Close Up (Re-Closed By Metrophonics)
10.Takeshi Nakatsuka-St. Parade
11.Montefiori Cocktail-Arrivederci A Capri (Feat. Lorraine Bowen)
12.Bentley Rhythm Ace-Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out!
14.Mike Flowers & The Flowers Pops-MacArthur Park

Disc 2
1.Akakage-I Love Pop Music
2.Ursula 1000-Got Cha
3.Trüby Trio-A Go Go (DJ Muro Remix)
4.Comoesta Yaegashi and his TPOchestra-Go-Go de BB
5.Mint Royale-Because i'm worth it
6.Skeewiff-Soul Bossanova
7.Makoto Miura-Les Morts Ont Tous La Meme Peau
8.Los Chicharrons-Bongo Hell
9.Nu Braz-Scherzi Di Primavera
10.Takeshi Nakatsuka-On the Palette
11.Don Tiki-Billions Of Brazilians
12.Moody 27-Tumbao Combo
13.Italian Secret Service-Not the same
14.Collette-Dixie Soundcrash




  1. Hip Hip Hooray seconded! Another year gone by, another Anniversary come around and reason to Congratulate and Celebrate the fact Pachinko Overdrive is still standing and continuing on with no signs of slowing ♥ ♥ ♥ So Congratulations! ♥ And to think, you were considering not doing anything Special for PO turning two..! But I think it's doubly important to do something in recognition of this because there's even more reason to Celebrate as you've really hit your stride with this blog over the past year, and settled into something that separates what you're offering here from all other blogs by having the entirety of what you've posted in this second year be self-made mixes, which truly shows what a Labor of Love PO is... The passion and devotion that you have to the music that is chosen to make up these compilations you post, and also the passion for similar kinds of music that the people who have been kind enough to submit guest mixes have shown too :) Since it's much more difficult to put together quality samplers than it would be to just post Officially Released things. It is. And it makes what you post a lot more personal too.. To think that what gets posted here are things you won't find Anywhere Else. And I find that extremely admirable, myself. What goes in to making this blog what it is. And one part of What It Is is an Important, Indispensable part of my week, so I prefer not to think of there ever being a time where it won't be exactly that. It's such a great service you're providing here, Percy! And a wonderful community of like-minded individuals that you've been fostering~ So I, for one, am just as grateful to you for keeping PO going and giving me a place to find this type of music as you are to me for encouraging you to keep going, truly! ..Probably moreso. Definitely moreso. But I won't push that point or anything~

    So, that thing about Great Minds Thinking Alike. It's at work again. It's funny you went with sharing stats to represent how far PO has come in two years, because I thought to do that too! Working again with Numerical Displays to bring to attention what Pachinko Overdrive has to show for itself from Year 2, but on a... less personal scale than what I did last year because I do not think the way I approached it then was... Well, it wasn't very interesting. But I think these numbers are! So here are some stats of my own. Do you realize, that in the past year you have posted:

    59 Mixes

    Which have contained a total of:

    1,011 Tracks

    Which ran a total of:

    3,767 Minutes

    Which is roughly:

    62 Hours of Music

    So if someone wanted to listen to nothing but Pachinko Overdrive mixes from the past year for all twenty four hours that are in a day, they could do so for about Two and a Half Days without repeating anything? It's true! ...Give or take a couple of hours, perhaps, because like I said last year, I'm horrible with Math. I think that is an absolutely Astonishing achievement. And maybe I will be that very person one of these days. Have a Non-stop Insomniac Party and relisten to every single mix that was posted over the course of a year at PO all at once :D ..Imagine how many days of music listening the entire batch of mixes posted over the full two years would cover...! Probably four whole days, at the very least. ...It never occurred to me to do that additional math though. ...Perhaps I should have..! Maybe next year :D Since, oh, I am utterly confident that there will be a next year, and I'm going to have to hit upon a way to celebrate it that is different from this years display~

    I will be back to comment on the Party Mix itself, of course(which truly _does_ look to be Super Smashing), but for the time being, wanted to get the preliminary congratulations posted and out there :) Viva Pachinko Overdrive! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Sensational mix ♥ ♥ ♥ You always do know how to throw the Very Finest parties, Percy :D And I really do think things worked out for the Best and the setting you settled on was a neat one... The idea of a Teenager Dance Party... It's like American Bandstand in a hipper setting and with a much more preferable host :D Which reminds me of a dream I once had, actually, but I won't get into that story... So, yeah, you got the tone pegged just right from the outset by picking a cover of "Land of a Thousand Dances" to serve as your opener, because those are just the sorts of dances I can imagine everyone doing at this Teenager Dance Party... Twistin' the Night Away~ ..Even if the Twist wasn't directly mentioned by name, I'm pretty sure. Still though. Anyhow, anyhow. So that tone that you got just right. Really loved how it was carried through this entire mix... That Retro-Mindedness brought to Modern Settings that the songs you chose had, and even though they were supposed to call to mind Dance Parties, it was still a bit more of... a laid-back sounding party? Like, less Full Force All the Time. It kept up a good pace without being so... exhausting? I think is what I want to say? So if you were dancing in marathon, it wouldn't take too much out of you~ If anything, you would more hope for the Party to Never End, which is a bit how I felt when first listening to both discs, and then again when I re-listened to them... Everytime "Dixie Soundcrash" ended, I'd have to say to myself "That's it?!" after realizing that it Indeed Was. Which isn't a complaint, or show of greediness! More like an observation. How this party could be Endless and not feel as though it was, because the music is such enjoyable company and you're having such a good time~ Which is why I'm glad you hinted at continuations coming along shortly :D So, looking forward to that, and always, always Looking Forward in general, knowing full well of the goodies we'll be getting to feast our ears on all throughout Year 3 being delivered over time ♥