Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.3

Summer,half past nine in the morning and we're already wide-awake.We pack our Bags & grab some Tapes,jump on our Scooter.Fast,fast,let's leave the Town.Down the Roads until we reach the Shore.Where we are today,we won't be tomorrow.

1.Fourteen Chords-Today
2.Stud Muffin-Feel me
3.Neat-September Swing
4.Orange Tambourine-Silent Sister Smile
5.American Girl-Ather Voices Ather Rooms
6.Kaji Hideki-Ivy Ivory Ivy
7.The Caraway-Wonderful Moment
8.ROUND TABLE featuring Nino-パズル(extra hot mix)
9.Boys & Girls Together-Orchard Full Of Orange
10.Asako Toki-Walk On
11.Metro Ongen-Metro
12.Dizzy Joghurt-Rainy Sunday Is Over
13.Serenaide-Would You Like To Hear It Too?
14.4 Bonjour's Parties-Ruins



1 Kommentar:

  1. Back with Guitar Pop ♥ ♥ ♥ Anytime is the Best Time for these types of mixes, for sure, but the weather being what it currently is a soundtrack like this to go through the days with is even more welcome ♥ A brisk, joyous, hand-clapping good time~ And the songs that it was built out of were wonderfully well chosen, of course... Another good entry from Serenaide, and to hear Toki Asako in a more Guitar Pop kind of setting that was a bit of a nod back to Cymbals days was a bit unexpected because "Walk On" isn't at all much like the things I am generally accustomed to hearing her solo career sound like.. but I rather like hearing her that way(Guitar Poppy) so it was a pleasant surprise, definitely. And so was seeing Metro-Ongen on this mix.. I'd heard their name dropped all the time in Indie Circles a couple years ago but never bothered to check them out until now, when Pop is Sheriff rounded a song of theirs up and provided an introduction to their music~ And the Boys & Girls Together song! Was my very favorite, for sure ♥ So cute, I want to put it on a chain and wear it around my neck and have it with me always as an adorable accessory ♥ ♥ ♥

    A very, very, very nice mix :) It had all the charm of past entries bundled together with a bunch of new songs to obsess over and that's the Top Thing I most expect to get from your mixes, Percy. And you always deliver on that too :) Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this ♥