Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Starlight Casino III

Welcome,on Board of the most groovy & glittering Satellite in this part of the Milky Way.The Starlight Casino is proud to start of the festivities to Pachinko Overdrives 2nd Birthday,next Week.For this occasion we tied a colorful Bouquet of funky Tunes that shall put you in the right Mood to celebrate this happy Anniversary.Watch out for a Special Birthday Mega Mix during the next Week and keep on dancing besides the Stars.

1.Asako Toki-LIBERTINE
2.Waffels-Need You
3.Shiho Fujisawa-Sunny Days feat. Okada Kyoko
4.Paris Match-Never Stop
5.Metro Trip-恋をするなら
6.Crazy Ken Band-Hirugao
7.Clazziquai Project-Come again
8.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Take Me to the Disco [Malibu Mix]
9.Mondo Grosso-BLZ (Bob Sinclar Remix)
10.Humming Urban Stereo-Say It's So
11.Jazztronik-The King of Dance
12.Towa Tei-Time After Time
13.Force of Light-I-Light
14.Crue-l Grand Orchestra-It's a brand new day (for mankind)

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  1. A trip back to the Starlight Casino ♥ You're absolutely right, this truly was an excellent way to build momentum going into PO Birthday Celebration Week... Starting with a preliminary party to set the mood and tone for the Big One :) I for one am certainly ready to continue partying after listening to this :D

    Anyhow, this installment definitely fulfilled all that I most want from Dance Mixes.. A Bass Showcase, Light and Energetic Dance Tunes setting exactly the right pace and both Opening and Closing quite strong...! That's some Gem you found in "Libertine" for an opener... I have to keep asking myself "Why am I not listening to Toki Asako's solo career?" when I hear songs as good as that one is, but there is no Real Answer to that question so I have no idea. The things I am missing out on by not having done so though...! Thank goodness I have you and your mixes around to make me aware of them :) And Crazy Ken Band songs in a dance setting! So good to see them outside of Shibuya Soul~ ..I mean, not that that isn't a good setting for them as well. It is. Because I want to hear their songs anywhere, really. They're one of my very favorite introductions made through frequenting this blog, actually. But yeah! To hear them in the context of the Starlight Casino... So. Nice. ♥ This entire mix is. Fantastic ♥ Definitely the best in the series so far, but I am also utterly confident in the fact that the Very Best is yet to come :) Carry on, Percy~ :D And as always, thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, and I'm truly anticipating seeing/hearing what else you've got up your sleeve~ ..Proverbial sleeve, of course. Because who would be wearing long sleeves in this weather, and I've never seen a magic trick performed with short sleeves before in my life. I suppose it could be possible, but... Limiting in how Flashy the trick would be presented, perhaps. Right. Babbling. Leaving!