Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Pachinko Air:Destination Tokyo

Ahoi Everyone.This is Captain Percy speaking:2011 is the Year of Motion on Pachinko Overdrive.Motion in any form. A Theme that will carry out throughout all new Series this Year.First Up is our own new founded Airline "Pachinko Air".This Airline is the new Home for the sophisticated Jetsetter.The Place to come for all who likes to travel in Style.We fly to the jazziest Destinations around the Globe with a Focus on Japan.The Inflight Entertaiment will be provided by the grooviest Hipsters around. Sit back,relax & enjoy your Flight with Pachinko Air.

1.Jabberloop-Because,it is there
2.Shiina Ringo & Saitou Neko-Sakura
3.Quasimode Feat. Carmen Lundy-Time is Love
4.Sunaga t Experience-The St.Vitus Dance
5.Paris Match-Free
6.Orange Pekoe-Metro
7.Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions-Stolen Moments feat. Jamie Cullum
8.Immigrant's Bossa Band-Samba De Flora
9.FreeTEMPO-Vamos A Bailar (New Mix)
10.Mondo Grosso-Life Feat. Paula Lima
11.Humming Urban Stereo-Delicious Humming
13.45 aka Swing-O-Mysterious Journey
14.United Future Organization-Tears Of Gratitude

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  1. The First Official Post of the New Year..! ♥ I'd been wondering what you'd select for that distinction, and you've made a fine choice, certainly.. Setting the tone, standard and course for what lies ahead in the rest of the year with a bit of succulent, luxurious mood music ♥ This mix is like.. this mix is like sinking down in to the most plush, exquisitely made piece of furniture imaginable and letting that cradle you for a bit while you relax and turn your mind off completely. Exactly like that~ So, for sure, we know that when we fly "Pachinko Air", it's always going to be First Class~ Seriously, this mix.. the flow of the songs is.. just remarkable. A testament to your peerless ability to lay down the foundation for a Specific Theme and Execute it Perfectly. Wonderful ♥

    ..And I did not realize "Motion" was the common thread intertwined between the new sets of mixes being introduced until you'd said something..! But it is. Clever, clever..! Onward and upward, then, and may the momentum never waver ♥

    Thank you for compiling and sharing this mix, Percy ♥ ♥