Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

Your Disco needs you one last Time!

This the is the last post of the Year.Boy what a Year it was.What could be more suitable to wave it Goodbye than the final part of the popular Your Disco Series.14 Tunes that shall escort through a Nite of Laughter,Dance & Fireworks.Party the Night away under an sparkeling illuminated Sky. Surrounded by fine Souls with wich we furiosly will welcome the New Year.A Superfine 2011 to all of you.Percy
P.S.The Disco Series will return soon in a NEW FORM.Keep watching the Sky.

1.Clazziquai Project-Stepping Out
3.Shiho Fujisawa-Colorful na kimochi feat. Shōno Juli
4.Jazzin' Park-Prism
5.Metro Trip-Baby,Baby
6.Katamari Soul Trains-Katamari on the Funk
7.Lamp-Aoi Kaigansen Kara
8.Crue-l Grand Orchestra-Spend the day without you
9.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Love Is Psychedelic (Full Spoken Mix)
10.Jazztronik feat.Miss Vehna-Love Tribe (Main Mix)
11.Clazziquai Project-Futuristic
12.Humming Urban Stereo-Sugarparty Flow
13.ELEKTEL-Midnight Samba(Sonic balloonmix)
14.45 aka Swing-O-Underground Superstar ft. Yu Sakai

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  1. And here ends my Second Most Favorite Series ;_; I could write a weepy "In Memoriam" themed comment for this one as well, much like I did for the last of the Picknick Series, because my feelings are exactly the same, and so is the situation.. Impeccable series that I know is being transferred to a new form, content-wise, but..! I have decided to approach this one from a slightly different angle though, and look at the Finish in a more positive way, which is: In my mind, at least, My Disco is _always_ going to need me(or I'm always going to need It, rather), so I'll continue listening to all four mixes in the series long after this last new one has been posted ♥ Meaning I will always be there for My Disco, and My Disco will always be there for me :D So I think I'll be okay...! With this being the Last. It will be dearly missed though, all the same ;_; ..So a little bit of weepiness. But not too much, because, you know, there's the dancing to think about.

    Anyhow, I think this is what is meant by "going out with a Bang".. Bold, delectable, delightful punctuation to put at the end of something. I've really been savoring it, which is why there's been a slight delay in commenting about it.. it's another one of those mixes I've been listening to everyday since I first downloaded it(and fully intend in keeping with that habit for a couple more).. Intensely enjoyable. As always, your selections..! That Lamp song is pretty Amazing. So funky ♥ And a Katamari song I've never heard!(I need to find out which game that one appeared on, and how on Earth I could have missed hearing it before now) And another song featuring Yu Sakai as guest vocalist, that I, again, had never heard before!(been a fan of his ever since hearing his contribution to ROCKETMAN's "In the Light"..) And, in yet another example of Percy's Magical Ability to Make Everything Sound Better.. I feel as though I told this story before, so maybe I have.. But the two Clazziquai songs on here. I'm quite sure they both come from "Instant Pig", which is an album I bought a couple of years ago(based on, oh, probably being told Clazziquai were like Humming Urban Stereo, but better.. such a lie that was..!!), but disliked enough when hearing the entire thing that it actually made me _angry_ to listen to.. how terrible it was, you know. I was basically left with the impression of "This album is awful! Two stars out of five!".. But then I'm listening to this mix, and really liking both of the songs of theirs you put on it...! So it's a little bit of a mystery, why I don't remember them(and "Play Girl", which you included on another mix) working to make that album be not as poor as I'd thought it was.. Maybe it's because I bought a different mix of "Instant Pig"? Like, I'd purchased "Instant Pig: Mediocre Mix" without realizing it or something. So there really _was_ nothing much to write home about on it. And the one you are pulling material from is the better one of the two. ..Or it could be that my tastes have changed quite a bit since first buying/hearing that album, so I'd appreciate it more now. I don't know..! It's better to simply chalk it up to Percy Magic, I think~ Which is most likely the exact cause and reason for newfound appreciation anyway ♥

    World Class mix, most definitely. The Perfect way to End one Year/Series and Begin another one. I'm expecting such good things from 2011..! And I'm sure, at least as far as PO is concerned, it'll absolutely deliver ♥

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. P.S.!: The new banner looks really good! Crisp and clean. ..And a bit of a shock to the system, to see the image I've been looking at on a weekly/sometimes daily basis for the past year and a half(practically) all of a sudden changed to something else. ..Not that I wasn't expecting it. Even so! It is a Big Difference all the same. But the Good Kind, honestly. And, again, it looks just fine with minimal amounts of text, so it truly was the better idea to forgo anything additional in the end :)