Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Percy 500:The In-Kraut

Fröhliche Weihnachten.Stage 3 of the Percy 500 is a winterly Ralley throughout Germany.East & West.This is more than just a ragbag of couriosities.Even if there are some Nuggets of Weirdness.Like the Cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid by the ultra cheesy Schlager Duo Cindy & Bert.They completly changed the Lyrics to a summary of the Sherlock Holmes Novel"The Hound of the Baskervilles".Very Strange but ultra groovy.Other Covers are a Witchita Lineman version by Thomas Fritsch or 24 hours to Tulsa by Marion Maerz.There are also a few Songs from the "DDR",the socialist part of Germany.Maybe you find out which ones are.Please,let me know what you think.You will also find out where i stole my Name from. In the meantime enjoy this Selection that shall prove that Germany has more to offer than just Humpta Music and fruity Schlager.Join the IN-Kraut and groove around the Weihnachtsbaum.
Viel Spaß.Euer Percy

1.Theo Schumann Combo-Glück und Musik/2.Georgees-Butterflies Never Cry/3.Team 4-Ich zeig den Weg/4.Manfred Ludwig Septett-Morgen/5.Helmut Brandenburg-Comin' Up/6. Hildegard Knef-From here on it got rough/7.Heidi Brühl-Berlin/8.Gene Williams-My Soul Is Black/9.Adam & Eve-The Witch/10.Thomas Lück-Kosmos/11.Tommy Haggard Orchestra-Pealed Tomato/12.Hazy Osterwald Jet Set-Swinging London/13.Ambros Seelos-Swingle Beat/14.The German Top Five-The Champ/15.Katja Ebstein-A Hard Day's Night/16.
Ulli Roever-Heisser Sand auf Sylt/17.Thomas Fritsch-Der Draht In Der Sonne/18.Horst Jankowski-Der Mann Den's Nicht Gibt/19.Greetje Kauffeld-Der Mann von Welt/20.Horst Krüger Sextett-Die Allee

1.Cindy und Bert-Der Hund von Baskerville/2.Kai Rautenberg-Moon Mission/3.Sherman Space-Count Down/4.Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schönherr-Molotow Cocktail Party/5.Peter Thomas-Multi-Kolored Mini-Skirts/6.Hazy Osterwald Sextet-The Call/7.Max Meier-Maletz-Swinging Nordwest/8.Caterina Valente-Fascinating Rythm/9.Horst Jankowski-The Blues,The Beat & All That/10.Hartmut Kiesewetter-Fly With Me/11.Claus Wilke & Siegfried Franz-Percy Stuart/12.Charlie Steinmann-Born In Spring/13.Dresden Sextett-An einem Tag im September/14.Theo Schumann Combo-Freier Sonnabend/15.Marion Maerz-Das Ende der Reise/16.Gunter Kallmann Choir-It`s getting Better/17.Wolfgang Hartmeyer-Every Day/18.Peter Thomas-Vergiss mich, wenn Du kannst feat.Senta Berger/ 19.Max Greger-Big Train/20.Orchester Addy Flor-Dieses Jahr

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  1. Is it just me who is having difficulty downloading this file? I tried a dozen times yesterday(no kidding), kept getting the same "Error downloading file" message, thought it was a temporary problem that would resolve itself the next day, but now it is Officially "The Next Day", and I am getting that same message. ..Repeatedly. ..Again. So it's looking as though there will be no Rockin' Around the Weihnachtsbaum to the In-Kraut for me, either literal or figurative ;_;

    Anyhow, you may want to re-upload this, if it truly is not just an isolated, "My computer, in conjunction with Mediafire, hates me" kind of thing. I'll keep trying to download it in the meantime though...

  2. What a great compilation – it totally made my day! I really dig those easy funky MPS pearls and the "In-Kraut" series and some Amiga grooves… but some of your tracks never passed me by. So thanks for them and happy holidays from Germany!

  3. Supercool ♥ ..And I suppose I'm now going to have to retract my statement that the things with David Bowie involvement are better than the ones without, because, again, the deeper we get in to this series, the more I'm finding to like, and this one was absolutely the most enjoyable yet. For the Nuggets of Weirdness, most definitely.. like, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the Who Can be the Most Histrionic Vocalist? competition I imagined was being waged between Georgees and Gene Williams.. I'd have to give the edge to Georgees, I think, because those boys are _crazy_. Lots of weird yelps and pitch changes, and such bizarre, spastic delivery.. Plus, who writes a song about butterflies never crying? Only a complete oddball, that's who. Because(and correct me if I'm wrong, please) I don't think butterflies even have tear ducts, so how could they cry in the first place, even if they wanted to? Maybe they express their sadness a different way, and they _do_ care about tomorrow, so it's irresponsible to speak on behalf of all butterflies everywhere like that, and make sweeping generalizations :\(yeah, overanalyzing Everything again, I know~) ..Anyway. Gene Williams, for his part, did put forth a good effort, with a lot of random yeows and wows filling out the end of "My Soul is Black"..

    And yeah, "Der Hund von Baskerville"! Totally strange. It's good you mentioned what its lyrics were about too, because I for sure would have been dumb enough to think it was a straight translation of "Paranoid" in to a different language ^^; Oh, and I noticed "An einem Tag im September" is a total sound-alike to The Zombies' "She's not there".. does that song deal with an entirely separate subject matter from the original as well? Or maybe not.. I'm told the title translates to something like "One Day in September", so maybe it's still dealing with a girl who has checked out either physically or mentally.. she just did so One Day in September~

    Oh, and speaking of familiarity in different languages, it was neat to hear not one but _two_ Beatles covers.. With the German version of "Fool on the Hill" being 10x better than "A Hard Day's Night", because I personally cannot stand it when people change the pronouns to fit themselves better when they cover it.. I think if you aren't going to sing it the way it was written, why bother singing it at all..?

    ..Also. I am going to be tortured for days on end trying to figure out where I know "The Champ" from, because that song sounds _so familiar_, but I can't place it. And doing a bit of research, I learned it is one of the most sampled songs in Hip-Hop, so the possibilities are endless, which song it was I heard it being sampled in T_T Still, it's cool to know where that sample originated from! ..Well, kind of, since the version you picked is a cover of The Mohawks original, but...

    Terrific selections though, and an overall ultra-fantastic mix ♥ Thank you very much for compiling and sharing it!

    P.S.!: One day, you'll have to share the story of why "Percy Stuart" proved such an attractive alias for you :D I am beyond curious, so I'll keep pestering you until you do..!