Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Shibuya Soul 3

Snowflakes are dancing in the cold Air.Open your Umbrella and slip under the comforting cover of smooth Shibuya Soul.14 Songs to keep you warm and guide you safe & sound throughout the snowy White.Have a soulful Holiday Time.

1.Cosa Nostra-Share Your Love (Album Version)
2.Crazy Ken Band-Brand New Honda
3.Mondo Grosso-Everyday Life
5.Nona Reeves-Prismatic Lady
6.Paris Match-Lady`s Jam
7.45 aka Swing-O-The Dawn Feat. Ryan Shaw
8.Izanami-Remind Me
9.Jazzin' Park-Summer Love
10.FreeTEMPO-Breezin' feat. 堀込泰行
11.土岐 麻子-September
12.Jazztronik feat.Miki Imai-Under The Moonlinght
13.Cro-Magnon-Time Flies Feat. Steve Spacek
14.Hajime Yoshizawa-I'm Not In Love

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  1. Continuing the legacy ♥ ♥ ♥ With this newest addition carrying on in the tradition set in motion by its forefathers, which is being a compilation with a Solid Theme and chock full of Good Music with which to fill said solid theme out~ So, going by my Personal Rating Scale, I do believe this mix would rate a perfect 10, because, again, I _love_ this theme, and the execution of it is my favorite type... Featuring familiar songs in new settings(yeeeaaaahhhh, Nona Reeves selections! and this new setting compliments it wonderfully, truly, because I enjoy listening to "Prismatic Lady" more as part of this mix than I did as part of the proper Nona Reeves album it appears on(like, I don't think I listened to that song on repeat all that much when I listen to "3x3", but with my listens of Shibuya Soul 3? yes I do).. so "Prismatic Lady" has benefited from that Percy Magic, for sure.. the ability to make things that were already good Even Better ♥ oh! and! the FreeTEMPO song that features one of Kirinji's marvelous Horigome Brothers as guest vocalist ♥ great song, great selection!) and familiar artists with unfamiliar songs(_loved_ hearing more Crazy Ken Band, and time flies when I am listening to "Time Flies", because I swear to goodness I am surprised every single time I go to hit that track to be repeated(and I have been, quite a bit) and realize I just spent seven minutes listening to it the first time around. hmm! does not feel like a seven minute song, at all.. a fortunate thing, of course, because when seven minute songs want to feel exactly like seven minute songs, _can they ever_. it's far nicer when they feel shorter, and you're compelled to want to listen to them again, immediately~ which I am and do with that song.. it's terrific ♥)

    Yes. Fantastic mix ♥ Thank you very, very much for compiling and sharing it! It's been starting off my morning for the past two days now, so, you know, if nothing else, and even if the rest of my day doesn't go _as_ well, at least I can honestly say it started enjoyably~