Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

More People like us

Here they are More People like us.Another 20 sundrenched Tunes that even make the hardest cold feel warm.Dive deep into Ocean of euphony.Surrounded by Flutes,Strings, Harp's & Vocal Harmonies at melt the coldest Heart.Songs full of naive joy of being young and the melancholy knowledge of the lurking Adulthood.Join Free Design,The Gentle Soul,The Bells and the others on their Quest for Harmony & more gentle way of dealing with each other.It's good to be arround.

1.Free Design-Kites are Fun/2.Lee Mallory-Take My Hand/3.Pat Shannon-Candy Apple Cotton Candy/4.Alan Copeland Singers-You're More Fun/5.The Peppermint Rainbow-Will You Be Staying After Sunday/6.Orpheus-I'll Fly/7.The Association-Come On In/8.The Byrds-My Back Pages/9.The Fun & Games-Topanga Canyon Raod/10.Jackie & Roy-Didn't Want To Have It To You/11.Other Voices-Hung Up On Love/12.The Monkees-Someday Man/13.Uncle Sound-Beverly Hills/14.Doc Severinson-Summer's Coming Back/15.The Street Corner Society-Summer Days, Summer Nights/16.The Bells-Manitowa Morning/ 17.The Collage-Rainy Blue Memory Day/18.The American Breed-To Put Up With You/19.The Gentle Soul-See My Love (Song For Greg)/20-Simon & Garfunkel-Hazy Shade of Winter

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  1. More Sunshine Pop ♥ It couldn't have possibly been delivered at a more fitting time either, given the current season~

    No songs referencing the desire to be a Kellogg's cornflake swimming in milk this time either, I see!(..or hear, rather. and nothing about wanting to be an English muffin as well, for that matter..) ..But I did hear at least two references to Candy Apples, so I guess that is the desired food comparison this time around. And, like, if two examples were enough to indicate a trend/common thread, I suppose that could be It for this compilation. ..Well, other than the common thread being some of the very things you already mentioned. Similarity in intention, brightness in tone, and all that.

    But, yeah, Candy Apple songs, and a Monkees song I'd never heard before.. Hmm! I knew those existed, but never thought I'd actually hear them, because I suppose I was more of a Singles girl with The Monkees, only heard whatever they played on the show/the radio, and never thought to bother with proper albums. So I don't remember ever hearing that song.. which didn't even _sound_ like The Monkees, to be honest.. I'm assuming it's Davy Jones singing, since I detected an accent.. he doesn't sound quite like himself on the verses though. But I definitely heard him in the chorus, so.. ..Then again, he could very well sound exactly like himself during the entirety of that song, and I wouldn't know it because I haven't listened to The Monkees in years, outside of hearing snippets of Davy Jones tracks as part of his Biography special that revealed him to be the Lamest Man who ever Lamed(a fact I should have been tipped off about just through watching The Monkees show, but nooooo. I had no idea..)

    Anyhow, very nice mix! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing it, and continuing my education of and exposure to music from the 60s that I most likely never would have heard otherwise ♥