Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Kawaii !!!

Another Evening at Home as all of a sudden the Phone rang.I picked up the handset and a Voice at the other end of the Line says:Tonight,Party down in Shibuya.All i could say before it was hang up was:KAWAII.So i jumped in some fancy Cloth & head down to Shibuya.As i arrived all the Hipsters & Groovers were alrady in full swing.Oh Boy what Party.

1.Pierre & Cardin-Stoned Soul Picnic
2.Yuzo Hayashi & Salon '68-Oh 'stupid No.9
3.Nakatsuka Takeshi-Cafe Bleu
4.Mieko Hirota-Kodomo Janai(yè yè mix)
5.Hi-Tech Mates-Twiggy Twiggy
6.COMOESTA YAEGASHI-Exotica Jazz Tracks
7.Mihomihomakoto-I want to be loved (japanese version)
8.Clazziquai Project-Play Girl
9.Suitcase Rhodes-Laisse tomber les fillese
10.Riez!-Cosmetic Pinup Girl
11.Phase 6-Saint-Tropez Bossa
12.The Hair-Seen from Rome, died.
13.Satoru Wono feat. Lisa-Aventure
14.Kinoco Hotel-Kaerazaru umi



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  1. 可愛い !!!
    ..Given the title, and what that word means, I thought this mix would be, like, the cousin to the Über-Cute mixes, or something.. It isn't, of course, but I do very much like what it Is.. A swinging mixture of Bossa-ish sounding songs, and ones that sound as though they are 60s in Spirit if not in Actuality, and the infinite conga line courtesy of mihomihomakoto :D(..well, _I_ think of a never-ending conga line slithering along to that song, anyway. but I think every single time I comment here, I've firmly established how extremely strange and random my thought process is, so.. not expecting anyone else to hear the same thing, and agree.. because you're all a bit more together than I am, of course~) ..Also, I never expected to encounter a way "Chick Habit" is made tolerable, but this has also been discovered. Thank you, mix ♥(, wait. Thank you, _Percy_, since this mix didn't compile itself..!) Sung in a different language, is how~ ..Or perhaps being made tolerable has as much to do with the being sung in a different language thing as it does with being sung by someone other than April March. ..Not that I dislike her vocals. ..But on "Chick Habit". ..Which we discussed before. They're... Suitcase Rhodes did a very nice version of that song, anyway~

    _Terrific_ mix. ..And equally great introduction to it :D A miniature story as random as my own aforementioned thought process? Love it ♥
    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing!