Samstag, 27. November 2010

Bungalow Three

Guten Abend & Welcome to our 3rd and final visit at the Bungalow.This Time we invade the Dancefloor.Join the Moshpit with Los Fancy Free's Electrodiscopunk and Silverio's Surf-Electro-Pop and an electroclashesque version of "Get Up, Stand Up" called "Che Guevara Superstar" by Evil Hippie.All from Mexico.Bristols Davey Woodward (ex brilliant corners) with his Band Experimental Pop Band and their not so Punk Rock Classic.The Irish Sound Collective Olympic Lifts with their idiosyncratic interpretation of Hip Hop.Plus a Bunch of Local Heroes like Stereo Total,Stereo De Luxe,Namosh & Pop Tarts.Check Mina Version of the Game Theme Classic Theme from Arkanoid.Way too shiny and clear for Living Rooms only.I hope you enjoy this last Tour throughout the wonderful World of Bungalow Records.We dance concentrated!

1.Le Hammond Inferno-Easy Leasing Superstar
2.Silverio-Yepa Yepa Yepa
3.Kulturni Program-Another world
4.Los Fancy Free-Menonita Rock
5.Evil Hippie-Ché Guevara Superstar
6.The Experimental Pop Band-Punk Rock Classic
7.Pop Tarts-Europa Center
8.Mina-Theme From Arkanoid
9.Stereo De Luxe-A Walk on the Moon
10.Fantastic Plastic Machine-You Must Learn All Night Long (Dancing Baby Mix)
11.Katerine-100% VIP
12.Namosh-Cold Cream
13.Stereo Total-Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck (Bis Remix)
14.Olympic Lifts-And the winner is...

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  1. You can totally tell we're approaching the End of the Year around here.. you really are cleaning house..! This marks the.. fourth series that is ending(to my knowledge, anyway..).. not that two of them aren't getting updated replacements, but still! No more Bungalow compilations either.. Well, they were fun and educational while they lasted~ And this final one was very.. ah... It's very... Very. Which is to say, it's something I don't even have the words to describe with :D _Interesting_, to say the least.. With a FPM remix I'd never heard, and that's great ♥

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this!