Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Sound Of Summer:The Last Picknick

These are the last Sounds of this Summer.This is also the last edition of the Picknick Series.Like Nature,we need some Time to rest and recover.So gether some Friends and reminis about the Fun we had during the last Year.Enjoy some sunny Tunes,that shall warm you throughout the Winter.Don't worry the Picknick Series will return in a new form next Year.Because POP is Sheriff at Pachinko Overdrive.

1.Cymbals-April Thief Man
3.Hideki Kaji avec Yugostar-You Can Work It Out
4.Sucrette-My Brilliant Summer feat.Hitoshi Koizumi
5.Cubismo Grafico Five-Shuffle Life
6.White Shoes & the Couples Company-Topstar
7.Spaghetti Vabune!-CP
8.Lollipop Sonic-Coffee Milk Crazy
11.Lemon Soup-Original Thai Title
12.Groovy Airline-พอจะมีสิทธิ์ไหม
13.Cymbals-Sailing Song
14.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Marmalade




  1. lovely as always!

  2. Oh, my darling Picknick Series ;_; You had an impeccable run of ten installments, with nary a sour grape or rotten apple to spoil the bunch ♥ And I _will_ reminisce and remember you fondly, because this was the first series where my total adoration of the first installment filled me the courage to be ultra-direct and come out and say "Percy, you should post a sequel to this" and you _did_.. I mean, not that my comment was the catalyst for that second mix being posted, because it was going to be posted anyway, I'm sure, but still. That comment _did_ make it possible to post "What a Shiny Day" along with the rooted in complete Truth branding of "Back by popular demand!", and that's something :D But yeah, it's like the old saying goes.. All good things must come to an end ;_; And nothing does last forever ;_; And there will be another Guitar Pop compilation set to take the Picknick's place! So there's that to look forward to~ And I am~ ..But maybe.. maybe I've grown to like my Guitar Pop served along with the classiest, feel-goodingest ads for alcohol Ever(I'll still never drink a drop due to your influence, but you were quite nice to look at all the same, advertisements~).. So it won't be exactly the same ;_; Change..! T_T But you'll always be Number One in my heart, Picknick Series ♥

    And if it had to end. Which it did..! This was a very good ending for it :) Complete with Hideki Kaji songs I've never heard, amazingly~ And Spaghetti Vabune! songs I had completely forgotten about being really good~(_reeeaaally_ need to re-listen to the one album of theirs I own..) ..And an EeL song I had forgotten that I'd enjoyed too(did you know she has two new releases coming out in December and January? it feels like it's been a dog's age since she's properly released anything new, so I'm looking forward to it.. the release in December is going to be a compilation including a mash-up of tracks from her albums "Kung-fu Master" and "People People"(one of which is a re-recorded version of "homme sympathic(charmant)!" which I am ultra-excited for because that song is pretty much the Best Thing EeL has ever done..), along with two completely new songs.. and then the release in January is a whole new album, I _think_. not completely sure about that one..) And the always intensely enjoyable Groovy Airline~

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing, and for extending such a Wonderful series out to as many volumes as you eventually did ♥ The Best, really..!