Sonntag, 7. November 2010

For Lovers 2

A velvet Evenning.A beautiful Couple.A delightful Dinner.A good Talk,mild Laughter & intimate Looks.Some tender Touch.A celebration of Romance and the sure knowledge "All the World loves Lovers".

3.Sotto Bosse-in the world (Tomorrow mix)
6.Metro Trip-僕らの街並
7.Jazztronik-Bedtime Stories feat.Yuki
8.Cro-Magnon-The Sweetest Taboo
9.Paris Match-Strawberry Waltz
10.Maki Nomiya-Bridges
11.Lamp-Hirusagari No Jouji
12.Port of Notes-Walk Through Happiness
13.Asako Toki-You Make Me Feel Brand New



1 Kommentar:

  1. ..You know, I opted out on listening to the first installment of this series because I'm generally of the mind that love songs/torch songs/slow jamz are best taken in moderation, and not as an army of fourteen coming at you all at once, with their hearts emblazoned on their sleeves, box of fine chocolates in one hand and goopy sentimentality dripping from the other.. But this one.. I couldn't resist the temptation of artists I like being collected in one place, even if it _is_ as part of this type of compilation.. Heaco! And HARQUA! And did you know, that HARCO wrote the Yuki song you chose, "natsu no Hero"? ..I'm almost positive it was the lyrics he penned.. he did a version of his own on his album "KI.CO.E.RU?", and mentioned something about its lyrics having to be changed from a females to a males perspective to be able to fit him.. Anyway, I'd never heard Yuki's version, so that was part of the Irresistible Temptation as well(..and after hearing it, I definitely like HARCO's version better.. but of course I would, because HARCO is one of my very favorite artists, and his voice is one of the Best things about him.. which means whatever he covers is going to be slightly better than the original(..most of the time..) because it's him singing it, so..) Anyhow! Through the benefit of those artists that I like being part of the track list, or simply because you always put together superfantastic mixes period, this wasn't so bad to listen to..! Some of the songs were quite nice, actually(like, your Paris Match selections are always good, and the Minuano was sweet as well~), so.. A good mix. Thank you for compiling and sharing it :)