Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

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Come to the Sunshine.This is an enhancement to the "Percy 500".Two Mixes that focus on the sweetest Sounds ever heard in United States.Sunhine Pop.It originated in the state of California in the mid to late-1960s.Often seen as apolitical i would say it's very political in it's form of escapism from the turmoil of the times.The naive dream of Love,Peace & Understanding may sound foolish today but we should try again.These 20 cheerful attitude, close vocal harmonies and sophisticated produced Songs should persuade you to dream a little dream.Loose yourself in the perfect voices of The Free Design,Dino, Desy & Billy & The Seekers.Listen to Van Dyke Parks version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".Soon you will find yourself humming along with Kenny Rankin"It's oh so peaceful".More People like us soon.

1.Harper's Bizarre-Come To The Sunshine/2.The Cowsills-We can fly/3.The Gas Company-If You Know What I Mean/4.Mama Cass Elliot-Make Your Own Kind Of Music/5.The Munx-Our Dream/6.Spanky and Our Gang-I`d like to get to know you/7.The Morning Glories-Love-In/ 8.Van Dyke Parks-Number Nine/9.Anita Kerr & The Anita Kerr Singers-Happiness/10.Dino, Desy & Billy-Thru Spray Coloured Glasses/11.The Free Design-I found Love/12.Don Costa-Punky's Dillema/13.Dave Grusin-California Montage/14.Strawberry Alarm Clock-Barefoot in Baltimore/15.Kenny Rankin-Peaceful/16.The Seekers-Georgy Girl/17.Lesley Gore-98.6/Lazy Day/18.Twinn Connexion-What A Lovely Day/19.Vogues-Just What I've Been Looking For/20.Larry Carlton-Don`t you care

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  1. My goodness. I thought for sure the "Über-cute" Series would be as toothachingly sweet as your mixes could get, but no..! Sunshine Pop mixes have an even more Enhanced Concentration of that Extreme Sweetness, I suppose, because these songs certainly were.. Pop Music in its Purest Form, perhaps? Sweet, sweet, sweet, and happy!, happy!, happy!, and easy-going, and with extreme positivity and... which is a good thing in its own way, of course! ..But I must confess that I'm glad there aren't too many songs that feature someone singing about wishing they were a Kellogg's cornflake swimming in milk. ..Or an English Muffin, with a specific kind of jam being their favorite topping. ..That's a little bit _too_ goofy for me.. Unless they were working in metaphors, and desiring to be a Kellogg's cornflake is another way of saying.. uhh.. I don't even know. They're saying they want to be soggy, and full of vitamins, and part of a balanced breakfast..? Or, like, that they want to be as important in someones life as Cornflakes and English Muffins are, because breakfast is supposedly the most Important meal of the day, and it's difficult to have a fully functioning day without a filling one~ Yeah~ ..And I won't even get started on the song "Love-In".. But most everything else! Was pleasant, good mood music. So when I need to be cheered up, this mix will be a great place to go for that ♥

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing~