Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Percy 500:Swinging London

Part 2 of the Percy 500.In this Stage we ralley down the epicenter of Sixties POP Music.Swinging London.We avoid the usual Suspects like Beatles ,Stones,Kinks & Partners and focus on the more unknown Gems of this Time.Like the early work of David Bowie before he became Ziggy or Dark Icon Nico with a nice Folk Song produced by David Whittaker.Of course we have the great Voices of Dusty,Cilla,Sandie & Petula.Miss Clark sings the offical Anthem of Pachinko Overdrive"I kmow a Place".We also have the welsh Tiger Mister Tom Jones & Blues/R&B legend Long John Baldry with the strangest Joke ever sung.Plus a few Instrumentals of britains best Band Leaders like Alan Hakshaw.One of most sampled Artist in Lounge Music.Enjoy this blend of Beat,Soul & Pop and remember"You Too Can Be A Beatle".Percy

1.Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra-Route 66/2.The Montanas-A Step in the right Direction/3.The Breakaways-That`s how it`s goes/4.Petula Clark-I kmow a Place/
5.Jackie Lee-The Town I Live In/6.Geoff Love-Strange Report/7.Bella and Me-Whatever Happened To The 7 Day Week?/8.Two of Each-Colour my World/9.Twiggy-When I Think of You/10.Polly Perkins-You Too Can Be A Beatle/11.Jackie Bond-Reviewing the Situation/
12.David Bowie- In the Heart of the Morning/13.Pete Moore-Catwalk/14.Patrick Macnee
& Honor Blackman-Kinky Boots/15.Tom Jones-Promise Her Anything/16.Marianne Faithful-
Is This What I Get for Loving You/17.Cilla Black-It's For You/18.The Chantelles-I Think of You/19.Cyril Stapleton-Love Today, Cry Tomorrow/20.John Barry-The Knack

1.Petula Clark-Sign of Times/2.Sandie Shaw-Message Understood/3.Cilla Black-Work Is a Four Letter Word/4.Karen Young-Let's Start The Party Again/5.Alan Hakshaw-Beat Boutique/6.Tom Jones-Stop Breaking My Heart/7.Julie Driscoll-I Know You Love Me Not/
8.Ross Hannaman-Down Through Summer/9.Nico-I`m not saying/10.Les Reed Piano-On The Scene/11.Breakaways-That Boy is mine/12.Dusty Springfield-Am I The Same Girl?/13.The Gaylads-Lonely Feeling/14.Flip And The Dateliners-Mama Didn't Lie/15.Baker Twins-
He`s no good/16.Goldie-Headlines/17.Anita Harris-London Life/18.Jackie Trent-Where are you now/19.Long John Baldry-Henry Hannah`s 42nd Sreet Parking Lot/20.Andrew Oldham Orchestra-The Last Time

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  1. really cool and moody, nice compilation!

  2. It definitely speaks much to the quality you can expect to find during the duration of a particular series when the second installment manages to improve so much upon the first.. And this one did, because there were even _more_ gems on it I'd never heard before(currently kind of loving "I think of you" more than I probably ought to, for example..), _and_ David Bowie involvement is of course going to make better the things that have It over the ones that Don't~("In the heat of the morning" was quite good too! and you've now made it possible for 60s Bowie to cut in front of others within the Line of Bowie Albums I've yet to listen to.. so I'm more wanting to get my hands on something he'd recorded in that decade as opposed to finishing up his 70s discography.. thanks for that ;) ) ..But you also put a Nico song on here.. which wasn't enough to sink the entire compilation, of course, but.. even for the sake of hearing these volumes in their entirety, I couldn't listen to it. I trust you'll understand though..! I just don't.. I don't have the correct chromosomes to appreciate Nico's.. ah.. "talents", I think. So it isn't my fault. Blame nature! ..I did not skip over the Tom Jones tracks as well though, so that's something, at least...! I did have to giggle a bit(because all sorts of stupid things strike me as being funny, you know) and genuinely marvel at the fact I was listening to songs of his outside of movie soundtracks and television shows where I don't really have a choice but to hear them.. I kept thinking "I am sitting here and willingly listening to Tom Jones. ..Heaven help me." during his first song. And then "I am sitting here and willingly listening to Tom Jones _again_...!" when he made a return appearance XD ..And I most likely will continue to willingly listen to Tom Jones on subsequent listens of this mix. What is to become of me..!

    ..All kidding aside though. Again, I genuinely enjoyed listening to this revisitation of 60s Pop as well :) So thank you for compiling and sharing, as always!