Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Your Disco needs you once again !

It's Saturday again and you can not keep your Feet still.The Dancefloor is calling. Do not resist the Temptation.Give in to the beguiling promises of the Night.Reach for the Stars while you become one with the flickering Lights.Follow us down the Groove Tube 'till the Morning Light.

1.45 aka Swing-O-I Believe Feat. Stephanie Mckay
2.Mari Mizuno-気絶するほど、ラグジュアリー
4.Humming Urban Stereo-Space Loves Disco (feat. Simone of 'D`Sound)
6.Soul Bossa Trio-Butterfly(Incognito Remix)
7.Paris Match-Family Affair (M-SWIFT Remix)
8.Kyan Chiaki & Carlos Aoki-tokimeki Tonight
9.Sugimoto Yumi & Yano Hiroyasu-Catch You Catch Me
10.Takeshi Nakatsuka-Love Wing
11.Jazzin' Park-Joy (DJ Spen remix)
13.Paris Match-FM
14.Pal@pop-Lover's Delight



1 Kommentar:

  1. I tell you, if I possessed what is popularly known as a "groove thing", it's guaranteed I would be shaking it to this mix :D I'm quite sure my lack of coordination is the chief reason I'm incapable of doing this though.. Still. It's nice to simply _imagine_. That it's possible. Like the two installments that came before it, this is the Perfect mix to do exactly that to~ Great, great, great selections.. "Neonlight" was the undisputed Star in my eyes, but the fact you put my two best loved Jams from the "Kirakira Majocco Cluv" compilation back to back cannot be overlooked, because that's pretty much Best Ever(I do love "mahoutsukai Chappy" and all, but really, it's all about that version of "tokimeki Tonight" and "Catch You Catch Me"..) And seeing Risette songs in unexpected places continues to make my heart swell with happiness, so extranice selection with that song.. I've loved that group for years now and it's nice to see they're finally getting some well deserved recognition...

    Another five star, A+, all boxes ticked on my hypothetical Check List kind of mix, for sure. Thank you for compiling and sharing it ♥(I think it's beyond ridiculous no one else has commented to tell you exactly this(or at least an approximation of it) yet.. but what are you going to do...)