Samstag, 2. Oktober 2010

Farwell to the Summer

Whether we like it or not,we have to face the Truth:The Summer is over.That means to soak in the last warm Sunbeams.A Bicycle Ride along the changing splendor of Nature.To End a perfect Day we team up to savor the beauty of Fireworks from a Funfair.Lightly we speak a melancholic Farwell to the Summer.Till next Time.

1.Hideki Kaji-Lentils Salad & Cream
2.Cubismo Grafico Five-Sweet Blindness feat. Eddi Reader
4.Lollipop Sonic-Goodbye Our Pastels Badges
5.Lemon Soup-Original Thai Title
6.Venus Peter-New World
7.American Rock-Traveling Mood
8.Bridge-Magic(They believed in)
9.Neil & Iraiza-Garden of Twin Eggs
10.Frederic-Tsukareta Sora
11.White Shoes & the Couples Company-Brother John
12.Maki Nomiya & Fernanda Takei-Hitori Ni Shite Ne
13.Chocolat & Akito-月火水木
14.Tomita Lab-God bless you! feat. Yumi Matsutoya




  1. Can't wait for your fall mixes, I know they will be awesome!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful ♥ ..As my comments tend to recycle themselves, I swear to goodness one of these days I really am going to establish a Check List and post that every single time I comment, and have that represent which criteria I've come to establish for your mixes has been met. The elements needed to make it a truly satisfying listen, you know(which would be the Best compliment I could give anyway. presenting a five star, A-List, all boxes ticked Check List Review~) Like with this one, a Fantastic combination of old favorites and new discoveries(check. was pleased to hear more American Rock, and a really good Venus Peter song I'd never heard before..!) that makes me genuinely happy to listen to(double check. if this is what the end of the Summer sounds like, I can't honestly say it's _too_ sad of an affair to wave goodbye.. the songs you chose don't allow for it~ but that's to be expected, this being part of the Perfect Pop Picknick Series..!), with a solid theme and coverart to match(check and check).. This is a really Fine mix~ Thank you for compiling and sharing it ♥