Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

All Day at the Beach:The Maxwell Implosion Remixes

Issue 16 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.The Maxwell Implosion is Torsten Heller, a German DJ who fuses lounge, jazz, bossa nova, and soundtracks of the '60s and '70s. Before recording his own work, the record connoisseur had stints on the turntables in Japan, the United States, Moscow, Barcelona, and Rome. The Maxwell Implosion has played shows with Dimitri From Paris, the Brand New Heavies, Towa Tei, and the Cardigans, while remix work has included Pizzicato Five and Kenickie. His debut record, Small Circle of Friends, features contributions from like-minded artists such as Laila France, Nicola Conte, and Montefiori Cocktail.Maxwell was a Maniac. Everything he ever tried in his life (and was a lot), he did 150 %. He received his Doctorate in Medicine (but didn´t want to be rich), he studied Danish Design (but got bored), he is a vinyl-junkie... Maybe this all developed, because he escaped East-Germany before the Wall came down and had to discover western-decadence (like old vinyl records) in a very short time.Around the Year 2000 Maxwell suddenly disappeared.His heritage consists of a handful of Records & about 20 Remixes.Here are 14 of his finest.Maxwell we miss you.

1.Ralley-Somer(Uh uh uh Mix)
2.Die Moulinettes-Herr Rossi(Beach Barbeque Mix)
3.Kenickie-Stay In The Sun (Maxwell Implosion Influenza Mix)
4.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Pura Saudade (remixed by Maxwell Implosion)
5.Pizzicato Five-Collision And Improvisation(Dizzy Fugu mix)
6.Baden Powell-Blues A Volonte(Maxwell Implosion Mix)
7.Novi Singers-Dancing Nuts(Maxwell Implosion Remix)
8.Die Moulinettes-Alfio Brambillo (Acquarello Mix)
9.Charles Wilp-Silky Stockings (Astro Chillberto Mix)
10.Xaver Fischer Trio-Bass Of Space (Maxwell Implosion Remix)
11.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Mpf (Loop De Loop Mix)
12.Nylon-Im 80. Stockwerk (The Maxwell Implosion Vs. Ben Human Mix)
13.George Shearing-Aquarius (The Maxwell Implosion Remix)
14.Orchester Walther Kubiczeck-Maskentanz(Kubique Dub By The Maxwell Implosion)




  1. Hello Percy,

    thanks you very much for the wonderful blog.
    Do you have Maxwell Implosions Remix for Manfred Krug? It´s on this 12":
    I´ve been looking for this track for ages.

  2. Sorry Klaus.Can not help you with this one.As far as i know,it's only Promo & DJ use only.Good luck with your hunt.Let me know if you find it.Greetz Percy