Sonntag, 14. November 2010

THE SOCIABLES prefer Pop! Vol.5

Welcome to Part.5 and a visit to North America.The U.S.A. as one of Birthplaces of airy Pop Music seem to neglected this Genre for the last 30 Years.Even if it looks that the Scene is dominated by Hip Hop,Alternative & interchangeably soulless Producer Pop,there are still Artists that know what Pop is really about.Here are 14 Examples that prove that it is alive and kicking.With Linus of Hollywood & Brent Cash we have 2 Representatives of classic Sunshine Pop.The Brooklyn based Bohemians This is Ivy League sound like Simon & Garfunkel never split.The understated and floating Voices of Ashby's Evelyn Pope and Deborah Wykes of Birdie that somehow manages to sound light and deep at the same Time.Plus some sunny Sounds from Canada by The Heavy Blinkers.The last Statement about Pop Music these Days comes from the Founders of Sunshine Pop,the magnificent Free Design.Next Stop Spain

1.Brent Cash-Only Time
2.The Heavy Blinkers-Try Telling That To My Baby
3.This is Ivy League-Love is Impossible
4.Linus of Hollywood-A Whole New Country
5.The Explorers Club-Hold Me Tight
6.June & The Exit Wounds-Highway Noise
7.The Aluminium Group-Chocolate
11.This is Ivy League-Visions of Tokyo
12.The Brunettes-Small Town Crew
13.April March & Steve Hanft-Sun Machine
14.The Free Design-The Hook

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  1. love it as always!

  2. Another fine, fine entry in the Sociables series ♥ + It's nice to know I can move my feelings about the domestic pop scene from almost completely thorough disinterest and abandonment down a peg to.. ah.. not quite as severely felt disinterest :D(so ninety eight percent disinterest down to.. seventy five, perhaps~) Because this mix proves there are still good things to be found if I took the time to look for them.. maybe I'll work at being a tad less lazy and toward doing exactly that~ This provides a good starting point to that end.. I was curious to hear The Aluminum Group after noticing they're another group Chocolat & Akito list as being a favorite of theirs.. and if that Seal of Approval can get me to actively listen to Steely Dan, why not other things..? And "Chocolate" wasn't a bad song('s kind of coincidentally funny that Chocolat's namechecking of the group is the thing that made me extracurious to hear them, and the first song of theirs I do hear is called "Chocolate" :D), so perhaps discoveries of more of their music will be in my Future.. Oh, oh, and "The Hook" is also _great_. So, so true, and it featured many quotable lyrics to be used as borrowed opinions on the subject.. "All the pretty young singers with their popular songs/Kind of short on meaning but the beat goes on/You really have to love them - but not for very long...".. Yep, that's definitely the state of current pop music in a nutshell~

    As always, thank you very much for compiling and sharing this ♥ I really don't know what I'd do without this blog, your mixes, and the benefits of being exposed to all kinds of new music ;_;

  3. Halo!
    Nice blog, found looking for Lupin III music. I listened to Konishi remixes I and really enjoyed them. Thanks! Gonna try the part II.
    Greetings from Brasil,