Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Raggazza Beat

Chicks on Beat NO.8.Italy danced to its own beat in the 1960s – or more accurately, it swayed to the sound of emotionally charged ballads.The Italian record-buying public continued to prefer the sentimental sounds of homegrown pop. Though that isn’t to say that as the decade rolled on, Italian music wasn’t influenced by the beat boom.Girls such as Caterina Caselli, Brunetta e i suoi Balubas held their own too.Italy’s biggest girl stars of the 1960s, including Mina,Patty Pravo, Iva Zanicchi and Milva, launched international careers on the back of their success at home.Here are 12 examples of fine Sixties Tunes from Bella Italia.Viva la felicita.

1.Nora Orlandi-Soho
2.Brunetta & The Balubas-Baluba Shake
3.Caterina Caselli-Sono Qui Con Voi
4.Caterina Caselli-Sole spento
5.Milva-Tambourino Ciao...
6.Mina-Se Telefonando
7.Jenny Luna-Sola nei Sole
8.Rita Monico-Quando tu Vorrai
9.Orietta Berti-Felicita (Felicitade)
10.Marita-I Primi Minuti
11.Catherine Spaak-L`ora Dell`addio
12.Jenny Luna-Non mi Pentirò

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  1. Excellent mix, I've never heard most of these songs. This is coming from someone who spends too much time looking for great 60's international sounds. One of the best mixes on the blog!