Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

********* Sound Repair Shop:The Konishi Remixes Pt.3

Issue 17 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Once again we dive into the seemingly infinite Remix-Work of Konishi Yasuharu.This Edition features besides Remixes for the Lounge Lizzards Crazy Ken Band & Jazz Chanteuse Akiko,Songs he did for an own produced album he did to celebrate the birthday of Atom (Astro Boy).Plus a Song he did for a Godzilla Tribute Album.Enjoy

1.Akiko-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Remix)
2.Crazy Ken Band-Hayama Twist (The Readymade Ye Ye Track)
3.Konish Yasuharu feat. Gaijin a Go-Go-tetsuwan Atom Readymade a Go-Go mix arrangeremix
4.Mieko Hirota-reo no uta (readymade JBL mix)
5.Crazy Ken Band-Handsome Na Playboy (Readmade 524 Mix)
6.Twiggy-When I Think Of You(Readymade 524 Mix 2004)
7.Matsudaira Ken-Matsuken Samba II(Readymade Shogun Mix 2004)
8.Konish Yasuharu feat.Duke Aces-tetsuwan Atom Readymade Sir Duke mix arrangeremix
9.Halfby-No Conection B-jr.(DJ 440's Top Billin' Mix)
10.Coba-K-Jungle (The Sound of Readymade Mix)
11.Clémentine-A Man and a Woman (Readymade One-Man DJ Show Mix)
12.Yamashita Takeo-Playgirl(The Readymade Darlin' of Discotheque Track)
13.Konish Yasuharu feat.Miwako Ichikawa-Tetsuwan Atom Readymade 305 mix
14.Konishi Yasuhara-Sons of Godzilla (The Readymade Retouched Audio-Musica 3003)

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