Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.1

ACIEEED! My god, it looks like jazz is finally moving out of the middle class drawing rooms and late night dinner clubs and back where it belongs – on the streets! Youth and arrogance are hijacking a long since stagnant form of music, and injecting it with fresh life – and not a little cappucino.(Chris Hunt 1988)

Welcome to The Jazz Fizz.A Journey in 8 Parts.In this Time Travel we visit the Acid Jazz Scene of the years 1988-1996.Developed in the UK at a Time where Acid House & Warehouse Party's were dominating the Dancefloor.It's origin is controversial but one of it's main forces were Giles Peterson and his 'Talkin' Loud Sayin Something' Sessions at the regular Sunday afternoon club at Dingwalls in Camden,London.From there it spread in no time across the Globe.In this this first Volume we see the early beginnings with Tunes from the first offical Acid Jazz Record ‘Acid Jazz And Other Illicit Grooves’ and some of the gray eminences behind the Scenes.Like the ex-Style Councilors Steve White & Mick Talbot.Both involved in several Bands like Galliano,Jazz Renegades & The Nighttrains.Paul Weller as Producer for The Jazz Defektors.Check out their only Album.It's Gold.More about the history in the next Parts of The Jazz Fizz.

1.Carmel-More More More
2.Working Week-Inner City Blues
4.Rhythm Blades-Doin' It Naturally
5.The Night Trains-And Now We Have Rhythm
6.Ace of Clubs-Ace of Clubs
7.Acid Jazz Alliance-Shaft In Action
8.The Style Council-Mick's Up
9.Galliano feat.The Jazz Renegades-Six Sharp Fists
10.Working Week-No cure no pay
11.The Style Council-Have You Ever Had It Blue (Uncut Version)
12.The Jazz Defektors-Pandemonium
13.The James Taylor Quartet-Los Cuevos Pablo

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  1. Well Professor Percy, now having been able to take on the first Lesson in a twelve part Course on a genre of music I knew Zero about beforehand, I've got to say I'm intrigued enough to commit to this class and anticipate each new installment as the months goes on and this series unfolds ・◡・ It will be quite illuminating, for sure! And will bring along with it songs as good as "Have you ever had it blue", perhaps, because boy was that song Ever ♥ Ultra-nice, and the Best of the Bunch as far as I'm concerned~ So here's hoping for similar offerings~ ..And also for no Pop Quizzes. ..Because I tend to do horribly with those.

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing! One of the many things you can count on for Pachinko Overdrive to deliver, you know. Excellent music, clever themes with sensational execution, and a comprehensive education in all sorts of unexpected areas ・◡・ The time and effort you obviously put a great deal of in to these things is always enormously appreciated ♥

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