Samstag, 28. August 2010

Über-Cute (Fall Edition)

The Über-Cute Candy Store is proud to bring you the all new Fall Edition.14 palatable Audiotreats by classic sound pastry Chefs like Capsule & Eel to the young wild Bunch of DG-10 and Sexy Synthesizer who interpret classic Recipies by YMO & Michel Jackson.Also new to our assortment are "Sweets of Siam" directly flown in by the Groovy Airline directly from Thailand.Yummy Yummy.Have yourself a Treat.Percy

1.Capsule-Twinkle Twinkle Poppp!
2.Sucrette-Travel Star
3.DG-10-High School Lullabye
5.Sonic Coaster Pop-Sunny Side Up!
6.Groovy Airline-ทิ้งขยะ
8.Sucrette-Love Prologue (pico pico meets the stripes mix)
9.Takiguchi Mira & Sexy-Synthesizer-mahōtsukai Chappy
10.No Color & Lightaman Jr.-Innocent Starter
11.Sexy Synthesizer-Human Nature
12.YMCK-Tetrominon From Russia with Block
13.Kumisolo-My Love for you is like a Cheap Pop Song
14.Cinnamon-Cakes And Pies




  1. Percy Steward, surprising authority on the SuperCute strikes again, I see :D This mix ♥ ♥ This series..!! ♥ Full of sparkling, twinkling, buoyant pop songs.. Exceptional choices! I was surprised to see DG-10 make an appearance(and a better song of theirs couldn't have been chosen ♥ ..or a better cover, rather~), and that one of the Sexy-Synthesizer songs you picked was from the Kira-Kira Majocco Cluv compilation..! It's good to know you did indeed listen to that album, and liked songs from it well enough to include them on your mixes :) ..Or at least one this one. "mahoutsukai Chappy".. I have the tendency to listen to that song waaayyy too much, so it's nice that I'm given another excuse for overlistening to it, this time because it's part of of a mix I'll undoubtedly also be listening to a whole lot too :D ..And you know, I had kind of forgotten how good YMCK's first album, and the songs from it, is/are, so that is another terrific thing about this mix. I was reminded of that~ I used to listen to "Family Music" all the time, and "Tetrominon" was one of my favorite songs on it.. a song about Tetris.. what's not to like? :D

    All in all, an excellent mix ♥ Thank you very much for sharing it!