Montag, 1. März 2010

Sunset Drive

A New Months,A New Guestmix.Ladies & Gentleman fasten your Seatbelt,our Guestmix this Time comes directly from Japan.It's made by a kind & funky Fellow named Akafuku.
These 14 Songs are the perfect Soundtrack for a ride in your Cabrio.Leave the City,down the Coastroad or the Highway,straight into the Center of Sun.But before you do so,show Akafuku some Love & Respect for his Work.In particular our japanse Visitors.Support your fellow Countryman.Remember you are all still invited to create
your own Guestmix.Don't just consume.Get Active. Contact me!Enjoy this Mix.

1.Spangle Call Lilli Line - inc.
2.TUTU HELVETICA - well-known blueberry
3.Utrecht - First Kiss
4.COPTER4016882 - Fall
5.The Maxwell Implosion - Moonboots
6.Handsomeboy Technique - Season Of Young Mouss
7.Pyroclastic - Phenomenon (Extended Mix)
8.Rocketman feat. Yu Sakai - IN THE LIGHT
9.COPTER4016882 - Truth
10.Pizzicato Five - 東京は夜の七時
11.Fantastic Plastic Machine - City Lights
12.COPTER4016882 - Light
13.i-dep - Raise Your Hands
14.Overrocket - Sands




  1. Marvelous selections! I love copter4016882's "light" tremendously(it may very well be my favorite song of theirs), so I already love this mix a lot for its inclusion. ..And "Fall". Which is a very good song too.
    Thank you very much for sharing this, Akafuku :) It's so good to see more people participating and compiling guestmixes..!

  2. Thanks for posting my mix!
    And thanks you all for listening.
    I'll be very glad if you enjoy it.

    to anne
    Nice to meet you.
    I'm so happy that you like it.
    In fact, I want to use Serani Poji's "Where is smiley?"
    and Coralie's "Oneday, Newday" to make a mix at first.
    But you go ahead of me :)
    These are very nice songs too.

    Thank you!

  3. This was a great mix,
    i was wondering if you had any more music of Utrecht from the new beach album.

    I would love to trade my phantom of indieboyz mp3's for them!