Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Ride on!

Let's continue our wild ride through the urban canyons of Tokyo.The Engine screams while we shift a few Gears higher.Neon Lights reflected on the wet Road.The Speed and the City Lights become one during our ride into the Night... Ride on

1.Nomoto Karia-Jiyuudo feat.Asia Engineer
3.The Orangers-BLAST OFF!
6.Yukari Fresh-Whoopee Cat
7.Capsule-Uchuu Elevator
8.Copter4016882-Jupp the Girl
9.Doopees-How Does It Feel
10.Halfby-Slip on
11.Toshiya Arai-Detective Jack
12.Mansfield-Motor city popp
13.The Hair-Japanese Title
14.Dj Yoshio-Yoshio and the guitar

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  1. Outstanding~ I listened to both volumes back to back this morning and it was definitely like extended driving music, so the theme you were going for couldn't have been executed better :)
    And I noticed there are a few selections from the "Beatmania: THE SOUND OF TOKYO" soundtrack on this mix, which is pretty cool! I've unfortunately never had the pleasure to play the actual game, but I'm a great admirer of the songs from it :D
    ..Also, I had no idea there was an alternate version of "私の黒い小猫は悪戯だけど秘密は守る。"..!(I'm just familiar with the version on Karia Nomoto's first album) It still sounds like Karia Nomoto is providing the vocals on The Hair's version too, so I wonder if she indeed is..? ..Even if she isn't, there is still Karia Nomoto representation on this mix through "Jiyudo", which is one of my favorite songs of hers, so that's just great ♥

  2. Thanks, but the link don't work