Freitag, 19. Februar 2010


I played at a Movieaftershow Party last Week.For some reason i played a Set with a lot of Tracks with German Lyrics.After i finished i had an interesting conversation with some People from around the World.They were really surprised that there was Dancemusic like that in Germany.I asked them what represents german Music for them( except Kraftwerk).Of course the worst of them all,the idiotically Rammstein & Techno selloffs Westban,Paul van Dyck and Sven Väth.That's unfair.So put together this mix to show that german Music is more than the rolling"Rrrrr" & Soft washed 4 on the Floor for everyone.This is also Homage to a Myth."Schwabylon".In the Mid-Seventies Munich was a place of the Internaional Jet Set.
The Schwabylon was a huge Complex that looked like a Pyramid without angle.It was home to a Shopping Mall,Hotel,Restaurants,Casinos & a Nightclub.The Whole Building was painted in Red ,Orange & Yellow and had no Stairs only Ramps.It was a total Ruin and closed after a Year but the Nightclub"Yellow Submarine" survived.It became the Home to the Sound Of Munich.Marked by Producers like Giorgio Moroder,Frank Farian and Harold Faltermeyer.If you want to know more leave Comment or Google yourself.

1.Justus Köhncke-Was ist Musik ?
2.Andreas Dorau-Das weißt nur du
3.Merricks-Schwabing Girls
4.Jeans Team-T.Y.T.T.S.
5.International Pony-Gothic Girl
6.Justus Köhncke-Schwabylon
7.Jürgen Paape-So weit wie noch nie
8.Andreas Dorau-So ist das nun mal
9.Riviera-So wie du
11.Jeans Team-Segel dein Schiff
12.Panamaformat-Gefällt mir schwer

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  1. Very good mix! Listening to it was yet another successful exercise in extending the breadth of my musical knowledge, since I am woefully deficient in knowing about a lot of music from Germany as well :( (..I'm not even overly familiar with Kraftwerk's back catalog, shamefully enough..! I aim to work toward correcting that though..)
    ..And you know, "T.Y.T.T.S." ranks right up there with Biz Markie's "Pickin' Boogers" as being one of the Best examples of songs with.. an interesting basis for their lyrics. Ha! I was definitely amused, but this is because my sense of humor is on the same level as that of a twelve year boys. Absolutely.
    Also, the Schwabylon both looks and sounds Amazing. It's a shame it turned out to be neither profitable or very popular though... Looking up additional information about it(which I did), I also learned that the term "Skittles" means something completely different to people in other parts in the World than it does to me too. Because I was reading that another feature the Schwabylon had were "skittles-alleys", and I had no idea what that was, because I only know "Skittles" as being a type of candy(the most _delectable_ type of candy ever made, as a matter of fact), so for there to be skittles-alleys made no sense to me. Although it did sound intriguing! Because my mind was still fixated on it being candy related, of course. But, I found out that Skittles is also a type of game that the US and Canada eventually derived bowling from, so that is what a skittles-alley is. A place to play Skittles. Hmm! ..You really _do_ learn something new everyday XD ..But I don't like bowling too much, so to me? Skittles will always be best as something you can eat.
    _Anyway_. Thank you for compiling and sharing this mix! I've already listened to it twice, and I can definitely foresee repeat listens in the near future as well :)

  2. Hi!

    This "Schwabylon" Compilation of yours is great! I really like these two songs:

    1. Andreas Dorau - So ist das nun mal (what a tight disco groove - and then those great German lyrics! Thanks)

    2.Jeans Team-Segel dein Schiff (killer rappin' in German!!!)

    Great great Songs! Now I am actually looking forward to a follow-up compilation... There must be more cool German sounds you want to share with us ;-)