Samstag, 13. März 2010

Über-Cute (Spring Edition)

This is the Spring Edition,fresh from the Über-Cute Candy Store.12 all new flavoured Earcandys.Taste the delicious Soundmuffin by P.5 with original Pikachuflavor.Check out the new & improved,better tasting,longer lasting goodys from HNC.Take a Macdonald Duck Eclair with extra Taurin and you will chime in with COLTEMONIKHA:Yum
Yum Yummy.Have yourself a Treat.Percy

1.Pizzicatto Five-Gotta catll'em all
2.Chappie-Chappie's Attack
4.Motocompo-Snack Music
5.Plus-Tech Squeeze Box-Sneaker Song
6.Aira Mitsuki-BARBiE BARBiE
7.Macdonald Duck Eclair-The Eyes Just Like a Fawn
8.HNC-Next M (Shout. Milla)
9.Yukari Fresh-17.1-4
10.Capsule-Happy Life Generator




  1. My goodness, the cover art selection for this mix. If "Über-Cute" had to be given a visual representation, that image is Perfect for that very purpose. ..I will pause for a moment so we can all collectively say "Awww!" and get it out of our systems XDDD
    ...Nice song selection too! "Happy Life Generator" is absolutely one of Capsule's best songs, so I'm always up for hearing it.. And I'm sure re-listening to examples of really good Capsule goes a long way toward erasing the bad aftertaste of "Player", right? :D And "Next M" is one of my favorites from the new HNC(along with "Kira-Kira~), so it was great to see/hear that included as well~ ..And PikachuFlavored Pizzicato Five :D Which reminds me of a bit of advice for people who find themselves in the position of having to entertain small children! Kids _love_ when you sing the chorus of "Gotta call'em all" to them. Particularly if you purposefully hit really terrible sounding notes on the "Pokemon no namae" part. ..My nieces were enthralled when I did this, anyway~ So that could be beneficial to know..! That "Gotta call'em all" is not only educational(learning all the names of the first 150 Pokemon), but also serves as a solid babysitting aide XDD
    ..Yes! As always, thanks for compiling and sharing your neverending supply of thoroughly enjoyable mixes :)

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  3. This sampler is fantastic! Never heard most of the bands on here, but I'm now a holy converted Plus-tech squeeze box fan.
    Thanks for posting, this stuff can keep me up for days.