Samstag, 20. März 2010

I Love Europe

Welcome!I know Europe's got a lot of bad Press in the last Time.Most of it's Country's are broke or corrupt,some are both,so they say.These are of course bad cliches.So follow me on a Tour around the most beautiful Audiosights of Old Europe.Visit a swinging Black Forrest with De-Phazz or enjoy some classic Sounds in new Vienna Dubdesign by Saint Privat(aka Waldeck).Have a nice Cocktail at the scandinavian Lounge while your listening to some groovy Tunes and watch the Northern Light.Take a short to Trip the vibrant metropolises likeLondon,Paris,Milano or Barcelona.In a short term:I LOVE EUROPE & so will you.Have Fun.Percy

1.Arling & Cameron(NED)-I Love Europe
2.Buscemi(BEL)-First Flight To London
3.The Crooner(GRE)-Over the Rainbow
6.De-Phazz(GER)-Maybe San José
7.Koop(SWE)-I see a different you(feat.Yukimi Nagano)
8.Monsieur Blumenberg(ITA)-Sciabadabada
9.Euroboys(NOR)-Do You Know the Way to Monterey?
10.Super(FIN)-Broken Girls
11.Dimitri from Paris(FRA)-Une very stylish Girl
12.Miss Claudia & Pornorama(DEN)-Il Profeta
13.Saint Privat(AUT)-Bach en Dub

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  1. Great theme and compilation! Much like with the Schwabylon mix, I feel considerably more Worldly after having listened to these songs~ ..And you know, I was just saying how I needed a vacation, and I sort of got one with this mix.. a nice jaunt around Europe~ Very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it!


    hey hi! good compilation i listen it now thanx!