Samstag, 6. März 2010

Chicks on Beat:Les filles et le beat

This the 1st Number of a New Series called "Chicks on Beat".It's dedicated to the only musical movement so far to be spearheaded by Females.The Yé-yé Girls.It has it's origin in a french Radioshow called "Salut les copains" in 1959.The program became an immediate success and one of its sections ("le chouchou de la semaine" / "this week's sweetheart") turned to be the starting point for most yé-yé singers.
For the first Time the Artists were the same Age as their Audience.France Gall(16)&
Françoise Hardy not much older become Rolemodels for a new Generation.Soon it became a European phenomenon.For "serious" Chanson Singers like Gilbert Bécaud and Charles Aznavour,yé-yé was more of a disdain.It is also a Markstone for Youth Culture as we know it.Asia developed,of course,it's own Version.More about that in the next Edition
with Beat Chicks from Japan.Have a beatiful Time with these 12 Tunes.Nous voulons à la danse?

1.Brigitte Bardot-Ca pourrait changer
2.France Gall-Le Coeur Qui Jazze
3.Stella-Beatnicks d'occasion
4.Marie Laforet-Marie douceur,Marie colère
5.Dani-Fille A Moto
7.Myriam Martin-Le blue beat
8.Silvie Vartan-Ne T`en vas pas
9.Delizia-J`ai Rendez-vous
10.Jacqueline Taïeb-Bienvenue au pays
11.Natacha Snitkine-Jeu du téléphone
12.Mary Roos-L`autoroute

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