Samstag, 27. März 2010

Tampopo Beat Pt.1

Chicks on Beat NO.2:Japan pt.1.Welcome to Yé-yé Girls Asian Style.The Beat Fever hit Asia in the Mid-Sixties after a Tour of US Surf Band "The Ventures".The Band took Asia by Storm and started an Avalanche of Surf/Big Beat Bands.You will hear their Influnce more in later editions when we visit Singapore & Thailand.A lot of the mostly instrumental Bands took female Singers to spice up their Perfomances.With the growing popularity of Yé-yé Girls,France Gall had a huge Hit with her japanese version of Poupée de cire, poupée de son,Japan developed the proto Type of what know as female J-Pop Today.Most of the Artists are better known for their acting then for their singing.Wrongfully i think.More about them in Part 2.Next Stop:The UK.

1.J-Girls-Yellow World
2.Rumi Koyama-Watasi no Inori
3.Kayoko Moriyama-Tintarella Di Luna
4.Miki Obata-Hatsukoi No Letter
5.Pinky Chicks-Soba Ni Ite
6.Miki Obata & The Out Cast-Jane Jane Aishiteiru
7.Rumi Koyama-My fast time Date
8.Maki Asakawa-Chicchana Toki Kara
9.Ruriko Osaoka-Onna Ga Hitori
10.Eiko Miasa-Majo No Tameiki
11.Sanae Emi-Ame
12.Meiko Kaji-Urami Bushi

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