Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.7

Notification:Pachinko Overdrive wants to apologize for the inconviniences during the last 2 Weeks.You may noticed that there are big Problems regarding the Downloads.Mediafire decided to limit the Number of downloads to 10 per Week,to force us to upgrade our Free Account to a Pro Account.This unpleasent Event led to discussions inside the Board of PO.,whether or not we should continue with the Project.We weigh the pros and cons and decided to continue.We will do the Upgrade during the next Week,so please have a little more patience until we got rid of all the Problems.We hope you will continue following our Blog and keep enjoying the quality Products of Pachinko Overdrive.Percy

Without any further introduction,here is this Weeks Post:

1.Cosa Nostra-Drive
2.New Jersey Kings-Green Screen
3.Gazelle-J.F. Taxi
4.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Tout va bien
5.Raw Stylus-Change
6.Mother Earth-Bad Ass Weed
7.Corduroy-Frug In G Major
8.Soul Bossa Trio-A little ticky
9.The James Taylor Quartet-Untitled No.1
10.Talbot & White-Riding the Rapid
11.The Brand New Heavies-Fake
12.The Style Council-Mick's Company

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Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Shibuya Soul 11

Lights,i see them far away.There's so many lights,the colours and the voices drift my way.A Gentle Voice on the Phone says: Baby don't you know there'll be surprises,tonight.Leave the blue day behind,everything is yours now.A new World awaits you round every Corner,just imagine all the things that you will discover,TONIGHT!

1.I-dep-Don't Say Good-bye (feat. Ryutaro Makino)
2.Hiroshi Fujiwara-Turn my back
3.Love Tambourines-Love Space (Drink Or Love Takimiix)
4.Crazy Ken Band-Bibimbop
5.Instant Cytron-Summer Wine
6.Nona Reeves-Another Summer
7.La-Ong-Fong-Openly Love
8.Crazy Ken Band-シウマイ娘
9.Melting Holidays-Timebird
10.Asako Toki-Mr. Summertime
11.Swinging Popsicle-遠い空
12.Akiko-You've Changed (Funk Version)
13.Dorlis & Ino Hidefumi-Gozen 0-ji no WANA
14.Museum Of Plate-Outvention

Deleted due Copyright Complains

Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.11

The Autumn Sun has chased away the early morning mist, the Streets are clear & fresh.The warm Sunlight through the brightly coloured Leaves gives us a final taste Summer.With a pleasent Wind on our Faces, it's easy to forget and leave all Troubles behind.Harmony, no Sorrows,everyday a New Life begins.

1.Honey Skoolmates-Go Now!
2.Red Go-Cart-My Bicycle
3.Spaghetti Vabune!-Candy
4.Store-Peppermint Sky
5.Chain Letter-Spring is here
6.Orangenoise Shortcut-Brassy
8.Kaji Hideki-Tu-Tu Boom Boom
9.Shortcut Miffy!-Like Sunflowers
10.Mocca-Seven Days Ago
11.Four Mod-คนอบอุ่น
13.Takeshi Nakatsuka-Dear Dad
14.Pirigwa-Pajama Party