Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.1

ACIEEED! My god, it looks like jazz is finally moving out of the middle class drawing rooms and late night dinner clubs and back where it belongs – on the streets! Youth and arrogance are hijacking a long since stagnant form of music, and injecting it with fresh life – and not a little cappucino.(Chris Hunt 1988)

Welcome to The Jazz Fizz.A Journey in 8 Parts.In this Time Travel we visit the Acid Jazz Scene of the years 1988-1996.Developed in the UK at a Time where Acid House & Warehouse Party's were dominating the Dancefloor.It's origin is controversial but one of it's main forces were Giles Peterson and his 'Talkin' Loud Sayin Something' Sessions at the regular Sunday afternoon club at Dingwalls in Camden,London.From there it spread in no time across the Globe.In this this first Volume we see the early beginnings with Tunes from the first offical Acid Jazz Record ‘Acid Jazz And Other Illicit Grooves’ and some of the gray eminences behind the Scenes.Like the ex-Style Councilors Steve White & Mick Talbot.Both involved in several Bands like Galliano,Jazz Renegades & The Nighttrains.Paul Weller as Producer for The Jazz Defektors.Check out their only Album.It's Gold.More about the history in the next Parts of The Jazz Fizz.

1.Carmel-More More More
2.Working Week-Inner City Blues
4.Rhythm Blades-Doin' It Naturally
5.The Night Trains-And Now We Have Rhythm
6.Ace of Clubs-Ace of Clubs
7.Acid Jazz Alliance-Shaft In Action
8.The Style Council-Mick's Up
9.Galliano feat.The Jazz Renegades-Six Sharp Fists
10.Working Week-No cure no pay
11.The Style Council-Have You Ever Had It Blue (Uncut Version)
12.The Jazz Defektors-Pandemonium
13.The James Taylor Quartet-Los Cuevos Pablo

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Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

********* Sound Repair Shop:The Konishi Remixes Pt.3

Issue 17 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Once again we dive into the seemingly infinite Remix-Work of Konishi Yasuharu.This Edition features besides Remixes for the Lounge Lizzards Crazy Ken Band & Jazz Chanteuse Akiko,Songs he did for an own produced album he did to celebrate the birthday of Atom (Astro Boy).Plus a Song he did for a Godzilla Tribute Album.Enjoy

1.Akiko-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Remix)
2.Crazy Ken Band-Hayama Twist (The Readymade Ye Ye Track)
3.Konish Yasuharu feat. Gaijin a Go-Go-tetsuwan Atom Readymade a Go-Go mix arrangeremix
4.Mieko Hirota-reo no uta (readymade JBL mix)
5.Crazy Ken Band-Handsome Na Playboy (Readmade 524 Mix)
6.Twiggy-When I Think Of You(Readymade 524 Mix 2004)
7.Matsudaira Ken-Matsuken Samba II(Readymade Shogun Mix 2004)
8.Konish Yasuharu feat.Duke Aces-tetsuwan Atom Readymade Sir Duke mix arrangeremix
9.Halfby-No Conection B-jr.(DJ 440's Top Billin' Mix)
10.Coba-K-Jungle (The Sound of Readymade Mix)
11.Clémentine-A Man and a Woman (Readymade One-Man DJ Show Mix)
12.Yamashita Takeo-Playgirl(The Readymade Darlin' of Discotheque Track)
13.Konish Yasuharu feat.Miwako Ichikawa-Tetsuwan Atom Readymade 305 mix
14.Konishi Yasuhara-Sons of Godzilla (The Readymade Retouched Audio-Musica 3003)

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Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Raggazza Beat

Chicks on Beat NO.8.Italy danced to its own beat in the 1960s – or more accurately, it swayed to the sound of emotionally charged ballads.The Italian record-buying public continued to prefer the sentimental sounds of homegrown pop. Though that isn’t to say that as the decade rolled on, Italian music wasn’t influenced by the beat boom.Girls such as Caterina Caselli, Brunetta e i suoi Balubas held their own too.Italy’s biggest girl stars of the 1960s, including Mina,Patty Pravo, Iva Zanicchi and Milva, launched international careers on the back of their success at home.Here are 12 examples of fine Sixties Tunes from Bella Italia.Viva la felicita.

1.Nora Orlandi-Soho
2.Brunetta & The Balubas-Baluba Shake
3.Caterina Caselli-Sono Qui Con Voi
4.Caterina Caselli-Sole spento
5.Milva-Tambourino Ciao...
6.Mina-Se Telefonando
7.Jenny Luna-Sola nei Sole
8.Rita Monico-Quando tu Vorrai
9.Orietta Berti-Felicita (Felicitade)
10.Marita-I Primi Minuti
11.Catherine Spaak-L`ora Dell`addio
12.Jenny Luna-Non mi Pentirò

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Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Percy 500:South American Getaway

Bem-vindo a parte 4 do Percy 500.While most of the World is captured in Ice & Snow we take the South American Getaway to escape in the warm & seductive Sounds of Latin Music.The Bossa Nova(New Trend)originally developed in Brazil became the most influencial Style for the Music of the Sixties that not came from the U.S. or Europe.The worldwide boom came in 1963 with the all Time Classic "Getz/Gilberto". This Mix of Cool Jazz and the easy life Sound of the middle to upper-class Brazilians became the synonym for a sophisticaded Lifestyle throughout Bachelor Pads worldwide.These 40 Songs from around the Globe shall show how big the impact of Latin Music was and still is.Besides the of the Originators,Eumir Deodato,Luiz Henrique,Marcos Valle,Sergio Mendes and Joao & Astrud Gilberto.We have The Gimmicks, Lill Lindfors,Karin Krog from Scandinavia.From Germany come the Lounge Kings Bert Kaempfert,Addy Flor,Heinz Kiesling & Jazz Maestro Klaus Doldinger.The States send of course the Latin Jazz Legends Stan Getz,Cal Tjader,Lee Evans & Mr. Exotic Martin Denny.Plus a lot more Hipsters from around the Globe.I hope you enjoy this trip to a long lost World of Style & Understatement.Percy

1.Intro/Luiz Henrique-A Trip To Brazil/3.The Gimmicks-Roda/4.Astrud Gilberto-Take me to Aruanda/5.Sylvia Telles-Dreamer/6.Addy Flor-Days Of Summer/7.Chris Montez-The Face i love/8.Marcos Valle-The Answer/9.Stanley Black-I feel fine/10.Cal Tjader-Soul Sauce/ 11.Lee Evans-Cinamon and Glove/12.Lalo Schifrin-The Wave/13.Heinz Kiessling-Latin Carnival/14.Stan Getz-Marrakesh Express/15.Karin Krog-Hold your Hand/16.Tamba 4-Weekend/17.Sylvia Telles-Samba De Uma Nota So/18.Bossa Trio-Saiupa/
19.Quarteto Em Cy-Nanã/20.Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66-Look around

1.The Gimmicks-The Joker/Richie Hillman Orchestra-Rosatello/3.Trio Rio 65-Tema Rio 65
/4.Martin Denny-Conga Train/5.Augusto Alguero-Sera el amor/6.Lill Lindfors-Har Min Samba/7.Carlos Lyra-Influência Do Jazz/8.Ray Rivera-Bend Me, Shape Me/9.Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra-Bert`s Bossa Nova/10.Klaus Doldinger-Recado Bossa Nova/ 11.Bossa Rio-Spining Wheel/12.Walter Wanderley-Telephone/13.Pete Jaques-Bossa de Bahia/14.Orietta Berti-Felicita/15.Eumir Deodato-Surfboard/16.Ryoko Moriyama-Ame Agari No Samba/17.Joao Gilberto-Hô-Bá-Lá-Lá/18.Marcos Valle-She told me,she told me/19.Tamba 4-Samba Blim/20.Astrud Gilberto-Beginnings



Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Pachinko Air:Destination Tokyo

Ahoi Everyone.This is Captain Percy speaking:2011 is the Year of Motion on Pachinko Overdrive.Motion in any form. A Theme that will carry out throughout all new Series this Year.First Up is our own new founded Airline "Pachinko Air".This Airline is the new Home for the sophisticated Jetsetter.The Place to come for all who likes to travel in Style.We fly to the jazziest Destinations around the Globe with a Focus on Japan.The Inflight Entertaiment will be provided by the grooviest Hipsters around. Sit back,relax & enjoy your Flight with Pachinko Air.

1.Jabberloop-Because,it is there
2.Shiina Ringo & Saitou Neko-Sakura
3.Quasimode Feat. Carmen Lundy-Time is Love
4.Sunaga t Experience-The St.Vitus Dance
5.Paris Match-Free
6.Orange Pekoe-Metro
7.Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions-Stolen Moments feat. Jamie Cullum
8.Immigrant's Bossa Band-Samba De Flora
9.FreeTEMPO-Vamos A Bailar (New Mix)
10.Mondo Grosso-Life Feat. Paula Lima
11.Humming Urban Stereo-Delicious Humming
13.45 aka Swing-O-Mysterious Journey
14.United Future Organization-Tears Of Gratitude

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